You'll Never Miss a Public Transport Connection in Sydney Again.

Having the ability to know what’s going on with the buses, trains, and ferries around Sydney is just a phone tap away with one of these real-time apps.

It’s now quick and easy to view:

  1. Estimated arrival times
  2. Service updates
  3. Directions to the nearest stops, wharves, stations, and routes
  4. All the details on accessibility

The services in and around Sydney with the ability to track in real-time are:

  • Sydney Trains Network (not including the Waterfall Station and Carlingford Line)
  • All State Transit operated bus services for Sydney and Newcastle services Hillsbus, Forest Coach Lines, Port Stephens Coaches, Busways Blacktown, Transit Systems, Punchbowl Bus Co, Busabout, Rover Coaches, Interline, Busways Gosford, Coastal Liner, Red Bus, Premier Charters, Dions, Premier Illawarra and Transdev NSW (upper North Shore and Illawarra services)
  • Light Rail Services
  • NSW TrainLink Regional trains and coaches
  • Sydney Ferries
  • Sydney Buses

Real-Time Public Transportation Apps for Sydney

Try out a few of the apps listed in detail below to see which will work best for and your commute. Many have free versions such as TripView with a paid version for saving trips you take more often. Or you may find that a combination of two such as TripView and NextThere.

The majority of the apps are for iOS but there are several that have an Android version or Windows or, even, desktop (not really sure why you would use a desktop version).


With TripView you can use your phone to check out all of the up-to-the-minute details on the Sydney bus, train, and ferry timetables. You can easily plan your trip by viewing the next available service and receive an alarm when it’s due. Another handy feature is that the app downloads all of the data to your phone, so you aren’t left without a clue if you suddenly find yourself disconnected from the data network.

Available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


You’ll never get stuck again with TripTastic’s feature that lets you find a service nearest to your current location. Interactive maps have every detail you need such as stops, routes, and frequency of service. And for those who need it, the app also displays accessibility information for bus, light rail, and ferry services.

Get it on iOS.


With TripGo you can access door-to-door options across the major metropolitan area of Sydney. It will also give you instant access to a trip planner that details the fastest, cheapest, and even most environmentally friendly way to get to your favorite destinations.

Get it on iOS and Android (also available as a web application).

Transit Times

More than its name implies Transit Times is the Swiss army knife of travel apps as it includes a trip planner, offline timetables, service alerts, and accessibility details. Transit Times also gives you the ability to download timetables for over 70 cities including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. There is real-time bus info for Newcastle buses and Busways Blacktown. The app also incorporates Blindsquare support for nearby stops and directions.

Get it on iOS and Android.

Transit App

Transit App was created with the goal of making it more efficient for travelers to make use of public transport. In Transit App you will have up-to-date departure times for all nearby stops displayed in high visibility colors and fonts, so you know right away what’s what. You can also check timetables, plan out your trip in real-time, view routes, set and receive reminders, and be notified of delays and disruptions. There’s even a feature that allows you to call an Uber from wherever you are.

Get it on iOS and Android.


This app knows where you are and arms you with information on when the next closest bus or train is departing. It can also give you precise information on the most efficient mode of travel with everything displayed on an easy-to-read map. NextThere also caters for accessibility with platform length.

Get it on iOS.


Not only does Moovit display live information from Transport for NSW but it also gets updates from its large community of users. This information provides for greater accuracy in determining arrival times and creating more efficient routes to your destination.

If you like to delve into a good book or watch a movie while commuting to work on public transport, then receiving announcements about upcoming stops and a Get Off Notification alarm when your stop is approaching can be an incredibly handy feature.

The active community can also update the Moovit app with information such as seating availability and the cleanliness of your next ride. An Apple Watch app also provides useful information without the need to take out your phone.

Get it on iOS, Android, and Windows.


Metarove is a customizable app that gives you live information on the state of the public transport system so you can plan your travels with pinpoint accuracy. The app includes features such as walking speed, maximum distance, and an option to display accessible journeys.

Changes to routes are re-calculated in real-time so you always know when your arrival time will be if services are delayed or canceled.

The app will also do its best to avoid those stops which are not wheelchair friendly if so required.

Get it on Android.

Arrivo Sydney

Arrivo Sydney displays real-time information on the actual location for your next bus, train, ferry, or light rail. You also have the ability to receive an audible alert for when your stop is approaching or the next departure time for whenever you are close to a stop you have designated as a favorite.

Get it on Android.

If you are a limited mobility customer on public transport, then this app can help you plan your trip with real-time information that helps you avoid walking distances that are too hilly, or that have too many stairs.

Trip times take into account ramp gradients, elevation, the number of steps, internal routing in stations, distance to accessible parking, and the state of the ground surface.

If services are delayed or canceled will automatically update your travel plans with pertinent information for a minimum of fuss.

Get it on iOS.

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