You're Moving to Australia, Yay! Are You Excited? Overwhelmed?

Or maybe a bit of both with a dash of AM-I-REALLY-GOING-TO-DO-THIS sprinkled on top?


What You Need to Know, Before You Pack Up and Go.

There’s only one way to stop feeling overwhelmed and silence any thoughts of self-doubt. It’s time to get organized!

The SMG Moving Checklist is packed full of resources plus you'll get access to a private Facebook group with over 1,900 members. AND IT'S FREE. No strings attached.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

And I've helped thousands of people from all over the world move to Australia.

I started blogging about my move to Sydney back in 2009, but soon realized that there was a lack of good, solid information online, specific to the actual details of moving to Australia and life as an American expat living in Australia. I decided to revamp my old blog and try to fill that information gap as Sydney Moving Guide. You can read more about me here, but Sydney Moving Guide isn't really about me. IT'S ABOUT YOU. So, I have one question for you.
What do you need help with?

How Can I Help You with Your Move to Australia?