Nervous About the Work and Holiday Visa Application Process

Question from an SMG reader.

I plan to move to Sydney soon and will be applying for the Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462).

I know that I meet all of the requirements, but I am still nervous I won't get the visa.

I found Visa First online and from what I understand they can 100% guarantee my visa.

I realize the cost is more than going at it alone, but I find the extra money worth it!

This is however if this information is true. I wanted to get your opinion before starting the process.

If you could please let me know if this agency is legitimate I would greatly appreciate it!

How to check if your migration agent is legitimate.

It's good you're asking about how legit the migration agency is as there are many migration agencies online that aren't.

Most Australia migration agents will list their migration agent registration number somewhere on their website, usually at the very bottom next to their privacy policy link. Any migration agent you deal with for any of your visa needs, regardless of what visa, should have a migration agent registration number.

Even if there is a registration number posted it doesn't mean that it's current.

It's a good idea to check that they are currently registered on the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) website.

Since I didn't see a registration number anywhere on the Visa First website, I did a quick search on the MARA site. Unfortunately, I didn't find any information on them or who the registered migration agent is that is working with them or partnered with them.

I did some more investigating and noticed that Visa First is actually owned by a company called I did another search on the MARA site for TaxBack and didn't find anything for them either.

It could be that the migration agent they use is listed under their own name. I would contact them and ask straight out what their migration registration number is.

If they don't have a registered migration agent working with them, then I would not recommend doing business with them.

The good news is you don't need a migration agent for a Work and Holiday Visa application.

You don't really need Visa First or or whatever they call themselves for a Work and Holiday Visa application. It's very simple to do online. All you're really paying Visa First for is to submit your paperwork for you.

A Work and Holiday 462 Visa application takes between 38 and 75 days. I'm not sure when you are planning on moving.

Once the visa is approved, you have 12 months to enter the country to activate it.

Your first Work and Holiday Visa will cost you $485 AUD when you apply directly through the Department of Home Affairs Website. A Work and Holiday Visa through Visa First will costs $455 Euro, considerably more after you do the currency conversion.

There are several Work and Holiday Visa groups on Facebook and they can give you a ton of advice. Just do a quick search on Facebook to find them. Always double check the information/advice you get from a group to make sure it's current and legit.

Those groups would also be a good place to ask if anyone has use Visa First for their application. I bet there are many other visa agencies out there with registered migration agents that can handle your application if you want.

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