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Tips from a Recruiter for Finding Sponsorship for Australia

So you want a job that offers sponsorship for Australia? Well, you’re going to need a strategy and you have to qualify for an Australian sponsorship visa but which one? Temporary Sponsored Visas vs Permanent Sponsored Visas Did you know that companies prefer temporary short term visas to skilled permanent visas like the 186 visa? Ok, so maybe you already knew that but I didn’t and I was a little surprised. I thought that the “temporary” part would be a detriment to getting sponsorship. I mean, don’t companies want to fill positions permanently? Well, they do but they aren’t...

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Pet Friendly Rentals in Sydney

Are You Moving to Sydney with Your Cat or Dog? This week’s Mailbox Monday post is about finding Pet-Friendly Rentals in Sydney. Today’s Question: My husband has already relocated to Sydney and has been chatting with his co-workers about rental properties. He was surprised to learn that it will be very difficult to find a rental with our cat (just one). His co-workers said that lying about pet ownership is common on rental applications and recommended that we take this route. I don’t feel comfortable with this. Is this standard practice? Can you offer any insights? Lauren’s Reply So...

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Free Sydney City Walking Tour That Everyone Should Do

Sydney Walking Tour Map and Route Our Sydney Walking Tour will take you from the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park down to the Opera House and on to the Royal Botanic Gardens to enjoy a lazy afternoon picnic in the park. Then, after counting the flying foxes in the tree tops and feeding the cockatoos and eels, we’ll continue through the gardens on to Woolloomooloo followed by the NSW Art Gallery in The Domain. After the NSW Art Gallery, you can either cut through The Domain back to Macquarie Street or continue on to St. Mary’s Cathedral and the...

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Moving to Australia for Work: What Does the Company Usually Pay For? Shipping, Flights and What Else?

457 visa holders moving to Sydney need to think about other expenses besides the cost of shipping and flights. Today’s Email If everything goes on well, I will be moving to Sydney this coming August. Right now, I am still waiting for the visa application to be done. Currently, I am in New York City. You’re in Australia because your husband was on a 457 visa, right? Did the company paid for you to relocate to Australia? Flights, shipping etc? Also, what would you recommend expats do for accommodation during the first few weeks before settling down with a...

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Excuse Me, Do You Have A Rubber? An Australian Slang Misunderstanding

They speak English in Australia, right? So why is it so hard to understand what the heck everyone is saying? When we were making our decision to move to Sydney we figured that, with everything involved with moving abroad and settling in, at least they spoke English in Australia. Of course we now know that American English and Australian English are not always the same. This difference in “English”, even though it’s slight, often results in humorous misunderstandings. One of my favorite stories of an Australian to American English mix up is from a fellow American expat, we’ll call...

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How Much Money Do You Needed Saved to Move to Sydney

Not only do you need to budget for the cost of shipping your household to Australia but you also need to think about how much money you need saved for the first few months after you arrive especially if you do not have a job waiting for you in Sydney. You’ll need to budget for the bond (or deposit) for your apartment plus first month’s rent, yearly tuition for public schools if you are moving on a 457 visa and other school fees like uniforms and books, any other cost such as mobile phone, internet and setting up house...

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Catchment Zones for High Schools in Sydney

Today’s question was a really good one about catchment zones for high schools in New South Wales. I actually thought this was going to be an easy question to answer because I’ve gotten pretty good at navigation my way through the Department of Education and Communities website. Boy, was I wrong. Today’s Question: Can someone help me find a Catchment Zone Map for Public High Schools in Sydney? I’ve been searching everywhere and have found one for Adelaide and Brisbane but can’t seem to find one for Sydney. We’re starting to look at specific neighborhoods in Sydney to live...

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Three Apps That Will Make Researching Your Move to Australia Easier

How many times have you entered “Sydney” or “Australia” into Google today? Be honest. Hmmm, I have a feeling that just might be the reason why you’re feeling overwhelmed. It certainly was for me. I remember back in 2008 when we were moving to Sydney, I was endlessly searching for anything I could find on Sydney. It was a daily obsession. I often ended up lost down a Google rabbit hole reading about the best neighbourhoods in Sydney for expats new to the city or the best restaurants to get brunch. Yeah, brunch. We hadn’t even started packing yet...

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Why We Go to Sydney Open Every Year and Why You Should Too

Spring in Sydney is my absolute favourite time of year and it has nothing to do with the weather. Well, almost nothing. It all starts with Art and About around the end of September. October rolls around and it’s Good Food Month with Hyde Park Noodle Markets, something else we always go to every year. Then, also in October, there is Sculpture by the Sea along the South Coastal Walk from Bondi to Tamarama. Yet another not-to-be-missed event in Sydney. In fact, I go several times including getting up to catch the dawn light for photos. Just when I...

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How To Conquer Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets

The red lanterns have been hung, the bamboo steam baskets are stacked ready for action, and the scent of lemongrass, cumin and fresh squeezed lime drift softly in the air surrounding Hyde Park. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets have begun. As an American expat, October use to mean Halloween, tricker treaters and eating way too much candy, oops sorry, lollies. But now, living in Sydney, October means one thing. Food. Good food. Like really, REALLY good food. Good Food Month Good Food Month is my favourite festival in Sydney closely followed by Vivid....

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10 Tips for Optimising Your Resume for a Job that Offers Visa Sponsorship for Australia

Your resume is the first impression a potential employer has of you. This is why it’s so important to make sure your resume is optimised because there are no second impressions given if your resume is not the best fit for the job. Especially when it comes to finding a job in Australia that offers visa sponsorship. Your resume has to leave the hiring manager wanting to talk with you directly to find out more about you and your work experience. It is your job lead magnet. Even if a company states in the job listing that they are...

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Top 10 Real-Time Public Transport Apps for Sydney

You’ll never miss a public transport connection in Sydney again. Having the ability to know what’s going on with the buses, trains, and ferries around Sydney is just a phone tap away with one of these real-time apps. It’s now quick and easy to view: Estimated arrival times Service updates Directions to the nearest stops, wharves, stations, and routes All the details on accessibility The services in and around Sydney with the ability to track in real-time are: Sydney Trains Network (not including the Waterfall Station and Carlingford Line) All State Transit operated bus services for Sydney and Newcastle...

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10 Mistakes People Make When Applying for Job Sponsorship for Australia

For many, 457 visa sponsorship leads to a more permanent visa such as a 186 visa. But the trick is finding a job that offers visa sponsorship in Australia in the first place. Finding an employer willing to sponsor your visa is not an easy thing to do even for those that are highly qualified. The truth is, most people go about getting job sponsorship the wrong way then wonder why they are unsuccessful. Nadine Myers, a recruiter that specifically helps people find sponsored jobs in Australia, has kindly offered to list out the most common mistakes people make...

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10 Lessons Learned Moving to Manly from California

Today’s reader question post is a little different. Instead, of me answering a question from my inbox, I’m going to post an email from an SMG reader that has happily settled in Manly. He wrote me not too long ago to catch up on how things were going and to pass on tips and lessons he and his wife have learned since moving to Sydney. Today’s Question “Thank you for much for you help. As you can imagine, we are in our second week here and just surviving the throes of the Sydney jungle and staying afloat. We actually...

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Top 10 Things To Do in Port Stephens

The team at Pacific Dunes provided Sydney Moving Guide the content for this post. Pacific Dunes is an 18-hole championship golf course and residential golf estate in Port Stephens, New South Wales. Ranked #54 in the Golf Digest Top 100. New South Wales boasts beautiful coastal stretches and waterways with serene environments. Among the best destinations within driving distance from Sydney is Port Stephens. This area is known for its wonderful beaches, clear water and plenty of things to see and do. It’s an easy two-hour drive north from Sydney, perfect for a weekend getaway. Here is a roundup...

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Five NSW Tenancy Rights You Need to Know When Renting in Sydney

The team at Removalists Sydney provided Sydney Moving Guide the content for this post. Your rights as a tenant when renting in New South Wales. For many people, moving to Australia is the ultimate dream. Those migrating from overseas will want to make finding a place to live their top priority. Due to the high cost of living in Sydney, many will defer to renting until they are more established in the country. Your rights as a renter in NSW can be confusing, and expats are particularly vulnerable to being taken advantage of. We’ve done the research and outlined...

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Five Walking Trails Every Newcomer to Sydney Needs to Explore

This is a guest post from Sydney based blogger and expat AJ. AJ is the chief editor at Best Sydney Walks, an online guide to the best walking tracks and other outdoor activities in and around Sydney. AJ moved to Sydney from Europe in 2007 and has since spent countless weekends exploring this beautiful city. To motivate others to go outdoors and discover all the good things Sydney has to offer, AJ decided to document his Sydney adventures online, and so Best Sydney Walks was born. Here are five not-so-famous but beautiful walks in and around Sydney that every...

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How to Explore Asia, Africa and the Middle East Without Leaving Sydney

This is a guest post from Sydney based blogger Travel with Joanne. Joanne is exploring suburban Sydney by visiting one suburb each fortnight. Three Sydney Suburbs That Everyone New to the City Needs to Explore After you have settled into this wonderful city of Sydney, and have seen all of the main touristy sights, it is time to venture further afield and explore the multicultural side of Sydney. Let me introduce you to three suburbs I love to visit. Cabramatta A post shared by travelwithjoanne (@travelwithjoanne) on May 22, 2016 at 4:13pm PDT This suburb, 30km south-west of Sydney,...

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How to get an overall score of 90 on the Pearson Test of English

This is a guest post from Steven Fernandes at So, you’ve decided to move to Australia. You’re looking to start your exciting new life here. You can’t wait to soak in the sunshine. That’s awesome! I was in the same shoes not too long ago. While you do have exciting times ahead, if you are applying for a permanent visa, you will also have a lot of hoops to jump through to get your visa. For most of you, one of these hoops is a test of English (The PTE Academic) that you need to take to get...

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Top Winter Getaways in New South Wales

This is a guest post from Olivia Jones, a regular contributor at Where to Go for Your Next Winter Holiday in New South Wales When you think about planning your next winter holiday, there’s no need to travel far, all the way to Canada for example, when you have everything that you need, right in your own backyard. Unpredictable weather and high prices can certainly be an issue, but it would cost way too much to fly across the ocean and with a little bit of research, you’ll be surprised at what some of Australia’s top ski resorts...

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