Applying for a 482 Visa While Present in Australia on an Evisitor Visa or a Working Holiday Visa

Disclaimer: I'm not a migration agent which is why I forwarded this question from an SMG reader to True Blue Migration. Australia visa policies change often, sometimes several times a year. Please contact a migration agent for a skills assessment before applying for any visa on your own. Most migration agents offer free skills assessments and will discuss multiple visa options with you.

Question about applying for a 482 visa while in Australia from an SMG reader.

I'm planning on going to Australia on a Tourist visa to look for a job that offers visa sponsorship. Can I apply for a 482 visa while in Australia or do I have to leave the country to lodge my application? Would I be better off with a Working Holiday Visa?

Finding a job that offers visa sponsorship is not easy.

To get you a full answer to your question I had to reach out to my migration agency partners at True Blue Migration but I can answer part of you question now then have them step in and give you more details.

To change to a 482 visa while in the country you need to make sure you have waived Condition 8503 “No Further Stay”. If Condition 8503 applies to your visa then you can not apply for another visa while still present in Australia.

I also need to point out that finding a 482 visa sponsoring position in Australia isn't an easy task and itself takes time.

Please be sure to read my post on tips for finding visa sponsoring jobs as there is a strategy to the process. Be sure that your occupation is listed on ANZSCO and that you qualify for a visa first or you will be wasting your time and money going to Australia.

That being said, here's what True Blue Migration had to say when I forwarded your question to them.

When you can and cannot apply for a 482 visa while in Australia.

If an applicant wants to apply for the 482 visa from within Australia they can do this and they will be granted a bridging visa, which means that they can stay in Australia and wait for their new visa to be approved.

There are some cases in which it is not possible for an application to be made from Australia such as:

  • The applicant current working holiday or tourist visa is due to expire shortly and they have not gathered all the information to be able to submit their 482 visa application prior to the expiry date of their current visa.
  • The applicant’s current visa has a “no further stay” condition (they can check their visa approval letter and see what conditions were imposed) – this means that they will not be able to lodge any visa from within Australia, they can leave Australia and apply offshore.
  • The applicant is unlawfully in Australia because their visa has expired – in this case it is not possible to apply from Australia;
  • The applicant is on a bridging visa E – which is issued to people whose visa has expired and they have contacted the department to get extra time to be able to arrange flights back. If they are on a bridging visa E it is not possible to apply from Australia.

Again, finding a job that offers 482 visa sponsorship will take time, not just searching and interviewing but waiting for the sponsoring company to file their nomination and show that they are unable to fill the position unless they hire from overseas.

I strongly recommend you start your search now and not solely rely on the time you are in Australia. Set up as many interviews as you can or, if possible, reach out to recruiters in your field and ask if you can take them out to coffee when you're here to chat.

Do not show up without at least a few prospects.

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