Newcomer's Guide to Sydney Suburb Bondi

You've probably seen the pictures, but nothing can compare with seeing Bondi Beach for the first time with your own eyes. Not only does Bondi have a stunning coastline but it's also a great place to grab a meal, get fit, and experience Australia's relaxed lifestyle.

The People of Bondi

If you want to surround yourself with beautiful people, Bondi is the place for you. Not only are the Bondi locals tanned, fit and flawless, they're also very stylishly dressed. Remember to pack your bikini and perhaps start your detox diet sooner rather than later.

Bondi attracts a lot of people from around the world – including England, New Zealand, Ireland and Brazil. You can expect to hear a lot of different accents while strolling along the beach.

And while the Bondi locals tend to be fairly health conscious – many of them are avid surfers, joggers and yoga enthusiasts – they also like to let their hair down on the weekends. The Bondi nightlife is legendary, with a multitude of restaurants and bars to choose from.

Housing Options and Prices in Bondi

Look, we'll be straight with you – living in Bondi ain't cheap. If you want to live near the beach, you'll probably end up paying at least $500 per week in rent.

If you head inland to Bondi Junction (about a ten minute drive from the beach) the rent becomes a little less excessive, albeit not by much. As you can imagine, beach views are in high demand, and thus the better the view, the higher the rent.

Most of the rental options in the Bondi area are apartments. The good news is that although you'll pay a lot, most of them have been recently renovated and have state-of-the-art facilities such as pools and gyms.

It's also possible to rent a terrace house in the Bondi area, which is a great option if you have a family, or if you want to cut down on bills by sharing with friends.

Getting There

  • Train
    You can catch a train from the Sydney CBD to Bondi Junction, with services that run fairly regularly (around every 20 minutes). You will need to catch the Eastern Suburbs line.

    Note: you can't access the beach directly by train. You'll need to get off at Bondi Junction station and then catch a bus the rest of the way.

  • Bus
    There are plenty of bus services that will take you from the Sydney CBD (and surrounding areas) to Bondi. A bus trip from the city to the beach will take around 20 minutes, traffic permitting. Check TransportNSW for details.

    The 333 (triple 3) Bus will take you straight to Bondi Beach from the CBD. It is a Pre-Pay Only Bus which means that you must have purchase your ticket before getting on the bus. This is easy to do at any newsstand which are usually nearby the bus stop.

  • Car
    You can drive to Bondi, but please be aware that Sydney's traffic is notoriously bad. It's also very difficult to find a parking space close to the beach. And watch out for parking inspectors – most of the public car spaces in Bondi are timed.

Things to Do in Bondi

  • Beach
    Whether you're learning to surf, going for a jog or simply enjoying a picnic lunch – Bondi Beach is undeniably beautiful, and a must-see for anyone who's new to Sydney.

  • Campbell Parade
    This is the main street that runs parallel to the beach. Here you'll find cafes, ice-cream shops, restaurants, bars, shops and more.

  • Coastal Walk
    The best way to get acquainted with Bondi is to walk along the coast and soak in the view. A coastal walk connects Bondi with Tamarama and Bronte beaches – and once a year (in late October/early November) you can see the ‘Sculpture by the Sea‘ art exhibition.

  • Bondi Nightlife
    Bondi comes alive at night – with many of its pubs and bars staying open until late. Two of its most popular are Icebergs and Sean's Panaroma – both providing great views and a buzzing vibe.

About the Author: Louise Carter is a blogger, copywriter and poet who is also currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Western Sydney.

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