Today’s Mailbox Monday Question is from a student planning on moving to Australia for school but she wants to stay in Sydney after her studies are done.

Today’s Question:

I plan on doing a study abroad in July at the University of Sydney and I have no plans of returning to the states afterwards. I will be done with school after my studies at uni and I want to stay in Australia as long as possible.

I am a little concerned because I am only 21 years and Australia has a high cost of living. I was wondering what your recommendations are for finding an apartment? Would it be difficult for me to find a job in Australia after I finish my studies?

I know you have touched upon these subjects but I was just curious as to any advice you can offer so that I can be prepared as possible for my new adventure.

Lauren’s Reply

No plans on returning to the States? Wow. That’s really going for it.

Since you’ll be studying in Australia, you’ll have an advantage for finding a job here. Plus you have time since you’ll be in school and can make connections.

Even so if you want to check out the job market in Sydney, I suggest looking at and Also check out my post on Tips for Finding a Job That Will Sponsor Your Visa.

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Now changing from a student visa to a temporary work sponsorship visa or permanent residence visa is outside my limited understanding.

I do know that for people changing from a tourist visa to a 482 visa requires them to apply for the visa from outside Australia. Not sure if it’s similar for changing from a student visa to a 482 visa or PR visa.

University of Sydney will probably have lot of info on this for international students. You may also want to talk to a Migration Agent and get a visa assessment done before you graduate and, definitely, before you student visa expires.

Did you know that University of Sydney has a Uni of Sydney subreddit?

Speaking of subreddits, I saw thread on Reddit about Moving to Sydney a little while ago. It will help you as far as finding an apartment and what suburbs to focus on.

To nutshell the suburbs, the top recommendations were Enmore, Glebe, and Newtown. All those neighbourhoods are choked full of students.

Your largest expense will be your rent. I have a post that lists rents in Sydney by different suburbs that might interest you.

The best way to decrease your monthly expenses would be to get a roommate. Check out and Gumtree.

Hope this helps some.


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