Moving to Sydney can make for a huge life adjustment if you’ve moved from a far-flung international destination to Australian shores. It’s one thing to arrive in Australia as an expat, however, it’s a whole different ball game to adapt to the Australian way of life and get by when you’re completely unfamiliar with everything around you.

Transportation options and availability are a major consideration when relocating to new country. Unlike other major cities across the world, Sydney’s harbourside location can make getting around quick tricky! Public transport from buses, to water taxis and trains are the default transport options for many inner city individuals.

But what if you have a family or you hope to explore all that Sydney has to offer come the weekend? We’ve shared some popular transport options of expats below that will grant you the freedom to explore all that Sydney.

Public Transport, Purchase a Car or Share a Car? Which is Better for Newcomers to Sydney?

Sydney’s Public Transport

Sydney’s public transport system is powered by the Opal Card. Similar to systems in China and the UK, the Opal Card allows you to travel on all forms of transport across the CBD and to metropolitan areas of Sydney.

Although the public transport network in the city and surrounding areas is extensive, it might present a number of limitations if you plan on travelling out of the city on the weekend. The airport is easily accessible by train however if you wish to travel to the Blue Mountains for a weekend getaway, public transport may not suffice.

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It’s important to note that the public transport system only really supports the percentage of the population that live within (reasonably) close proximity to the city. Whilst the transport network does reach far-flung suburbs, you will be limited if you’re hoping to explore all that the city has to offer.

Purchasing a Car in Australia

If your visa is for a period of 12 months or greater, you may wish to purchase a car for the entirety of your stay. Although vehicle ownership can be an expensive proposition, the freedom to up and leave the city whenever you like is an appealing prospect for many expats.

If travelling on weekends is a priority, you may wish to purchase a vehicle permitting you have the funds in the bank and you’ve qualified for an Australian driver’s license. Websites such as Carsales feature vehicle listings across the country and serve as a handy resource for expats looking to purchase a new or used vehicle.

If you’re not in the fortunate position to have a spare $30,000 in the bank to purchase a vehicle, fear not! As a temporary work visa holder, you may qualify for finance to purchase a car so long as your lending term does not exceed your Visa expiration date. As an example, if you’re in Australia for 3 years, you’re eligible for finance if you apply for a loan at a period lesser than the 3 years of your Visa.

Companies such as Stratton can help you with the purchase and simultaneously eliminate the stress that is typically associated with a vehicle purchase. They have leant over $2.5b in car finance to tens of thousands of people across the country and represent a trusted played in the vehicle finance market. A car loan by Stratton Finance is a hassle free way to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and explore all that the city has to offer.

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Although a large investment, owning a car for the entirety of your stay in Sydney does open up a world of travel options come the weekend. Tempting, isn’t it?

Ride-Sharing Services

If purchasing a vehicle isn’t a feasible option, you may want to consider ride-sharing services such as GoGet. If you’re unfamiliar with this service, it essentially allows you to use vehicles without the hassle or expense of owning one yourself. Simple right?

GoGet allows you to make contact with vehicle owners and you then use their vehicle on an as needed basis. You have a number of different options with this service and many Australians use it when they don’t require the use of a car full-time.

Over the course of a few years it may be more expensive to use a ride-sharing service though you must consider your vehicle requirements before making this decision. Once you’ve determined your answer to this all important question, your decision should be an easy one to make.

Consider Your Requirements

There are many different options to consider when looking to get out and about in Sydney. Try not to be overwhelmed by the exhaustive list of options before you and make a decision based solely off your individual requirements.

Moving to Sydney is an incredibly exciting adventure! Be sure to explore it when free time presents the opportunity.

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