Studying overseas can give you an invaluable wealth of learning and experience that you won’t be able acquire if you study in your own country.

Being able to live in a different city, establishing ties with different nationalities, and immersing yourself in a different culture are some things that you’ll enjoy studying overseas (or living as an expat).

Australia is a top destination for international students.

Australia is ranked number 3 with the most number of international students in its shores, just after the UK and the US. With over 20,000 courses in its over 1,000 universities, Australia is molding the brightest minds of its local and over 40,000 international students from 140 countries all over the world.

Having one of the world’s strongest education systems, it comes as no surprise that a number of Australia’s universities are among the top in the world. Here is a list of Australia’s top three universities in the state of New South Wales:

University of Sydney

studying at the University of Sydney

Ranked as number 3 in national rankings, the prestigious and highly regarded University of Sydney is the country’s oldest university.

Founded in 1850, the university holds the largest academic library in the southern hemisphere, with over 5 million items. The school also has a number of world renowned museums, and a campus honoured as one of the top 10 most beautiful universities in the world, according to The Huffington Post, Disney Pixar, and many others.

The University of Sydney has a number of Centres of Excellence in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences, and Clinical, pre-Clinical and Health. They have one of the most numbers of international students among all Australian universities, with representations from over 100 countries.

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This reputable university ranks among the top 100 universities in the world, having the 62nd place. Their impressive graduates include 6 Prime Ministers, including Australia’s first ever Prime Minister.

University of New South Wales

NSW university

Australia’s university with the biggest number of international students, the University of New South Wales ranks number 5 in national rankings, and number 85 in world rankings. The school’s motto says “Knowledge by Hand and Mind“, which means students not only learn inside the classroom but classes are extended to the industries and the real world. The school has the strongest links to industries, where there graduates are highly in demand by companies.

One of the school’s centers of excellence is its highly regarded MBA program, which has been dubbed as one of the finest in the world. The school is located in the suburb of Kensington, Sydney and does a member of the Group of Eight – which is a coalition, comprise the top most leading universities in all of Australia.

Macquarie University

Studying at Macquarie University Sydney

One of the top universities in New South Wales, Macquarie University is conveniently located in Sydney and sits on a 126 hectare area of natural bushland and rolling lawns. Ranked number 8 in national rankings and 263 in World Rankings, Macquarie University is one of Australia’s leading universities.

This public teaching and research university was founded in 1964 and was the 3rd university put up by the New South Wales government. There are over 80 excellent undergraduate courses and over 100 postgraduate courses, where the university tops in environmental research and studies among all Australian universities.

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The government’s Excellence in Research Australia honoured 5 of the university’s research areas with having above world standard performances, which are the fields of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and the Environment Sciences.

The university also boasts of its close relationships with the world’s most successful companies in the industry, where students can earn first class internships, work directly with top notch researchers and be highly in demand in their chosen fields once they graduate.

With the Australian government spending hundreds of millions of dollars in its education system each year, it will not be a surprise if Australia’s rankings in the top world universities will go up in the next years. With a dedication and passion to be among the best in the world, Australia is definitely a leader in international education.