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Top Five Cafes in Bondi That Anyone New to the Suburb Needs to Try

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It is a known fact that the best coffee in the world is in Australia. What? You didn’t know that? Well, you will soon as Australians are very proud of their coffee.

Every suburb in Sydney has an overwhelming number of cafes to go to making it hard to find the best so you can skip the rest. Below is a list of my top 5 Bondi cafes to help you out.

Five Bondi Cafes Every Newcomer to the Suburb Needs to Try

  1. Cafe Bondi – 14th O’Brien Street, Bondi Beach

    Offers one of the best coffee in Bondi as recommended by its happy and satisfied patrons, Cafe Bondi provides innovative Australian Breakfast as well as Lunch menu but doesn’t go away with the core of the traditional Australian menu. For its evening menu, Cafe Bondi offers contemporary Asian Fusion dining that is interestingly enough to try. If you are going to come here for breakfast, better to order French Toast and Bondi Hash and you’re in for a treat.

  2. Atlas Kiosk – 14 Hall Street

    If you are looking for a modern feel of a cafe but would like to stick with the essential tradition, Atlas Kiosk is for you. Although famous for its coffee as it was regarded as the Deluca Coffee Winner, Atlas Kiosk also offers traditional dishes and even street food from across the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. The Milkshake concoction with flavored ice cream is a must try, and of course, their famous Deluca Coffee.

  3. Will & Co – 33 Hall Street, Bondi Beach

    Established in 1984, Will & Co was formed by a group of friends with over 50 years experience in managing coffee and cafe shops. This cafe boasts of mastering the art of coffee making through the art and science of sourcing, roasting and blending one of the best coffees in town. Its signature “Eight-o-Eight” blend is a must try as it is uniquely sourced from a combination of Guatemala and Brazil beans.

  4. Harry’s Bar and Dining – 136 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi Beach
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    Used to be named Harry’s Espresso Bar, Harry’s Bar and Dining might have changed its name, but it never changed its offering that they were known for. It boasts of dishes that come from local produce that are organic in nature. Harry’s Bar and Dining offers a wide range of dishes that are fit for any time of the day. And of course, they take pride in their coffee, as they have a custom blend with Five Senses Coffee Roasters. If you come to Harry’s, don’t go home without trying out any of their Super Smoothies.

  5. Bondi Trattoria – 34 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

    If you are in for a coffee drinking experience with a great view, Bondi Trattoria is for you. Bondi Trattoria offers a wide range of dining options including my favorite meal of the day, breakfast. There are also beverages aside from coffee if you fancy something with more kick. Bondi Trattoria even offers menu fit for kids, so you won’t need to worry looking for food that your kids will actually eat. Don’t waste your visit in Bondi Trattoria by not trying out their Galliano hot shot- trust me on this, you’ll not want to miss it.

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