This week’s Mailbox Monday post is from someone who already moved to Sydney, then after just four months, she was terminated. Now she and her family are in Sydney and have 90 days to find a new employer to take over her visa.

This is a very tough spot to be in.

I’ve asked permission to post the email, though I have altered it slightly and, of course, left out all the personal info.

I choose this email for a couple of reasons.

1. I don’t always have the answers to your questions and, this time, though I would love to be able to solve this, there just isn’t much I can help with. So I’m posting it here in hopes that someone out there in the interwebs has more info and can perhaps help out.

2. I also wanted to point out the importance of contacting a registered migration agent in my reply.

This is very important. I am not a registered migration agent nor do I play one on the internet.

The info you read online is not always up-to-date, even if it is from a first-hand source on a forum. Throughout the year there are continual changes to visa qualifications and requirements. There are many different visas and a migration agent is not only familiar with all of them but also knows about changes before they take effect.

Hopefully, she has contacted True Blue Migration for some help.

Today’s Question:

A big consulting company hired me to work in Sydney. I came from the Philippines and they arranged and paid for me and my family’s 457 visa and relocation expenses. We were very happy for this great opportunity.

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However, it was recently cut short, when after 4 months they told me that they are terminating me. This left us with nothing as my husband resigned from his work in Manila and has not found a job in Sydney yet.

The company just gave me 1 months salary and tickets to get back home but what are we getting back to? We both have no jobs to support our children and ourselves.

I believe that I am unfairly dismissed as I did my best at work. I admit that I’m still learning as far as the work and Australian culture is concerned but I work hard and am willing to learn. But they just kicked me out without any consideration and concern to me and my family.

Can you suggest anything that we could do? Can we file any legal action? My last day in the company is last June 20 and we have 3 months left to either leave the country or apply for another visa.

Lauren’s Reply

Oh man, that sucks!! I don’t think you can file legal action, but then I’m not certain. For now, what you need is for another employer to take over your visa sponsorship. For that, now I’m not a migration agent so I’m not a qualified resource, but I do believe that you need to stay within the same occupation as previously.

The best I can do is give you a list of resources.

For jobs, I do have a page of current 457 visa sponsoring jobs now hiring here. The fact that you already have a visa and are currently in Sydney could work out to be a bonus. Anyone interviewing you would already know that you are qualified for a 457 Visa.

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Hays is a large recruitment agency that might be worth checking out too.

For more info about your visa situation:
LinkedIn as a great 457 group that you have to check out and get involved with. It has many migration agents that are part of it and are giving really good advice. As far as legal action, ask there. They will know the answer.

I recently came across, a migration and recruitment agency. They have a helpful group on Facebook that might be a good option for you to connect with.

I do have a friend that works with finding people sponsored jobs in Australia. I’ll contact her and see if she has any other resources or suggestions.

I’m so sorry this has happened to you. That’s the worst thing.

Would you be open to moving to New Zealand? You might have better luck there. I don’t have any resources, but I know that as far as tech goes there is a small community but it’s growing.

Just a thought.

Don’t lose faith. If I come up with anything else I will definitely let you know.


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