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Public transport in Sydney

Commuting by Ferry in Sydney is the Best Way to Start...

One of my favourite things about living in Australia as an expat is my morning commute. I know it sounds crazy, but you just can't beat it. Here's our commute in Sydney by ferry from the Lower North Shore with photos each step of the way.

Top Transportation Options for Expats Moving to Sydney

For newly arriving expats, getting around Sydney is one of the first hurdles to overcome. Public transport vs buying a car vs car share, which is better?

Top 10 Real-Time Public Transport Apps for Sydney

You'll never miss a public transport connection in Sydney again. Having the ability to know what’s going on with the buses, trains, and ferries...

What You Need to Know About Sydney’s Public Transport

Quick Overview of Sydney Public Transportation Being a major metropolitan city there is no shortage of ways to get around the beautiful Australian City of...

Newcomer’s Guide to Using the Opal Card in Sydney

Navigating Sydney's Public Transport with the Opal Card If you are moving from the UK, then the Opal card is Sydney's version of the Oyster...