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Australia Moving Checklist

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The group is a great place to get answers to all your questions from where to live, moving with pets and school enrollment.

Free Money Transfers

Did you know the Australian dollar is a commodity currency?

This means it's HIGHLY VOLATILE.

When a good exchange rate comes along, you need to be ready to jump on it and LOCK-IN THAT RATE.

Australia Shipping Quotes

Started Packing Yet?

No? Still got months to go? The truth is you don’t need to know what you're taking BEFORE getting your shipping quote. Scheduling a shipment to Australia can take as long as 6 months.

Banking for Expats

Open Your Bank Account BEFORE You Move

Takes less than 5 minutes.
All you need is:
  1. Your passport details for filling out the short, simple bank form.
  2. Your entry visa information.
  3. Know the city you will be staying in when you arrive.