Moving to a different country to continue your education is already a difficult choice, but finding the perfect city match to your own personality and learning preferences makes it all the more challenging. Still, if you’re considering Sydney as one of your top candidates (no wonder, might I add!), or you’ve got your heart set on it but you cannot quite put your finger on what makes it the best option for you, let’s say that the following list will definitely help you take the leap!

Cultural Diversity

If numbers are anything to go by, they tell a vivid story about Sydney’s unique diversity – with over 250 languages spoken and over 120 nationalities who have found their home in the city, you could say that it’s a synonym for a cultural melting pot. And as such, it’s a perfect opportunity for newcomers from all over the globe to find their place, as you’ll be embraced as a part of the community in no time.

In fact, everything about Sydney screams versatility. Just stop by the upcoming exhibition entitled “The Jews of Greece” in Darlinghurst, or the new permanent exhibition of the Australian Museum that encompasses 200 objects and people from all over the world that influenced the creation of the region. As a student in such a culturally rich city, you’ll have access to a slew of different events that have the potential to enrich your studying experience and reshape your career path.

Natural Wealth

From the Royal Botanical Garden in the very heart of the city, Wendy Whiteley Secret Garden in Lavender Bay, Dudley Page Reserve with a mesmerizing panoramic view, all the way to the wilderness found in the Blue Mountains and Jervis Bay, the region (and the entire country for that matter) is brimming with greenery. Not to mention their efforts in achieving greater sustainability and a greener life, which you can check out at their annual Sustainable Living Festival.

Just imagine study sessions in beautiful picnic areas, spending your weekends bushwalking, basking on many Sydney’s beaches, and enjoying outdoor studying opportunities which many universities organize. With their unique wildlife, excursions into natural hotspots, and trips to less known hidden nooks as well, life in Sydney will be an all-encompassing learning experience.

Studying Perks

As dreamy as those 300 days (give or take a few) of sun, living in this coastal city isn’t solely based on beach cocktails and surfing. On the contrary, as a Sydney graduate, you’ll gain access to some of the most coveted working opportunities in the world, and you can consider yourself as one of the most employable graduates, not just in the country, but world-wide.

With a high standard of living, Sydney is also a pricey city for a student’s pocket, but with a few pointers from the locals, you can get some of the best discounts with your International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Think textbooks for a fraction of the price, 20% off restaurants and cafes, more affordable groceries, gym memberships and movie tickets. You can also find affordable student accommodation in Sydney conveniently close to your University and public transportation, and share the rent with a fellow student.

Renowned Universities

Sydney is home to some of the world’s most desirable universities, including University of Sydney, and the University of New South Wales, both of which ranked in the top 50 of the world in 2017. Their courses are tailored to prepare you for the real world, and give you the knowledge and skills you need to become more “marketable”. And perhaps most importantly, every university provides networking opportunities for you to mingle with potential employers, workshops on finding a job and crafting a CV, and various conferences to boost your skills.

Truth be told, the costs for an international student can be quite substantial, especially considering the tuition fees and simple (bear) necessities, but you can always find part-time work which can significantly help you manage your living expenses. Scholarships, loans, and similar forms of support are also available, and depending on the university of your choice, it’s wise to do your homework on the best support options for you.

Experience Freebies

Last, but not certainly not the least appealing aspect of studying in this magnificent city is that there is always something happening, and very often, free of charge! So, despite the city’s reputation of being tough on your wallet, you can discover various opportunities for free exhibitions, stand-up gigs, library author talks, weekend markets, concerts, festivals and similar events that will cost nothing.

Some of the greatest attractions, such as walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge, are actually free. Craving some culture? Head to the Art Gallery of Sydney where there is no entrance fee (pro tip: Wednesday evenings also include free chats and movies), the Conservatorium for some classical music, or the Museum of Contemporary Art to see their permanent exhibition. Bushwalking in the Royal National Park is also cost-free, and if you’d like an app-guided free tour, make sure to download the app while you explore the numerous historic spots across the city.

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