Smart Storage Sticker / Adhesive Labels for Moving Boxes

  • 100 self-adhesive smart labels for use with the free Quick Peek App.
  • Stick a label to your box snap some photos assign a location and Quick Peek will do the rest.



Standing in a sea of boxes? No problem. Simply point the scanner at your boxes and the contents of each will show up in the App. Think of it as x-ray vision for your storage containers bins and boxes.
BROWSE ALL YOUR ITEMS Sitting on the couch wondering where you put your glue gun? Just browse your visual catalog of items until you see what you want. Click it to see where you put it, which box it’s in and what else you packed along with it. SURF YOUR BOX LIST To see everything you have stored, click into the “Box List” feature to see a full list of your boxes. Sort or search your boxes to find what you’re looking for.

1. LABEL + DOWNLOAD: Apply a self-adhesive Quick Peek label to your box and download the free Quick Peek App to get started.
2. PACK + SHOOT: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…or in this case, countless hours of saved time. There are two ways to photograph the contents of your boxes. You can either take a group shot of everything going into the box or take individual photos of each item. Taking single shots will give you more control to name, search and be able to find the exact item in the future. It’s completely up to you.
3. SCAN + STORE: After taking your photo, just scan the label on the box and your items will automatically be filed away in your new visual inventory within the App. Store your box and next time you need to find something, tap into your App to locate your items.

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