30 Boxes & Moving Supplies – Value Economy Kit #2 Qty

  • 30 Boxes, Fewer Supplies, and 44 cu.ft. of space
  • 20 Medium moving boxes 18x14x12, 10 Small moving boxes 16x10x10
  • 1 rolls of tape 2″ x 110 yards & 1 Marker



The Economy Moving Kit gives you more than 44 cubic square feet of roomy storage for packing your belongings, and the essential moving supplies that will get you from Point A to B. Moving fragile items? Protect your valuables (you know, the mismatched dinnerware set that you pieced together at the Salvation Army, the amazing chockie garage sale finds and the 1983 RCA 27” analog television set); then, seal each moving box with 110 yards of sticky packing tape to hold it all in place. One permanent marker is included – you can give one to your roommate as a going-away gift, or, use it to label the contents of your moving boxes. UBoxes.com makes it easy to move quick and painless with the best boxes and supplies for moving…if you just would’ve found us three years ago! Congratulations, graduate – cheers to a happy move!

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