Industrial Strength Mini Stretch Wrap Film

  • 80 gauge, 5” x 1000 ft
  • Bundle wrap is a very cost effective way to protect packages from natural elements that may destroy products during shipping



When your belongings are on the move, secure them together so they won’t get lost by using Mighty Gadget’s mini stretch films. These Stretch Wrap is quite handy for bundling small items, corrugated shipping boxes together for both storage and shipments through its excellent self-adhering film. Our Stretch Wrap is perfect for storage or shipping and it sticks to itself without leaving any messy residue when it is time to unpack. Great for wrapping remote controls to TVs; securing cabinet doors and dresser drawers closed; keeping hardware attached to bed frames; protecting plush furniture from dust or stains; and shielding surfaces or furniture legs from scratches, scuffs and damage.

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