This week’s Mailbox Monday post is about securing a job in Australia while still overseas. Not an easy task.

The question comes from someone who already has a permanent residence visa (PR Visa). This is an important detail because she doesn’t have to find a job to sponsor her visa.

Today’s Question:

We have a strong will to immigrate to Australia (sooner is better). We would love to see our daughter (age 14) start the school with the new term (Jan/Feb 2018).

We have been granted permanent residency in Australia a couple of years ago. And now, since, we have fully made up our mind to relocate, every day in the UK seems like a burden. However, I am not able to get traction on securing a job while in the UK.

Being extremely difficult and harder to market oneself from overseas and, therefore, I sincerely appreciate and value any help you may offer.

Lauren’s Reply

It is hard to get hired in Australia from overseas, but one good thing is you already have a visa. That will make things easier for finding a school for your daughter too as there are certain government schools in NSW that do not accept temporary visa holders.

I know many recruiters and HR folks for various companies use location as a weeding out process. When I worked for a small biotech back in Seattle, our HR person wouldn’t even look at resumes that were out of state, much less out of the country.

The reason she gave was the cost of relocating the new hire plus the whole relocation process would move the start date back. As a small company, we needed positions to be filled quickly.

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I bet this is what’s happening when you apply for a job in Australia.

The first thing they are going to notice is your location, probably before noticing you have a PR visa.

Since it sounds like you already have definite plans on when you want to be in Australia, I would be sure to state this in your cover letter, at the very least, if not some place on your resume. Maybe something about when you’re available to start, or possible start date January 15, 2015.

To give yourself more of an edge, make sure your resume is polished and more Aussie than British. The Australian Resume is different than a US resume. I’m not sure how different it is from a UK resume/CV but having a well-polished resume certainly won’t hurt. In fact, it could make all the difference in the world.

I refer many people to for a free resume review. It’s a good place to start. Many of the people I have referred have gone on to have James and his team fine tune their resumes. Some have even had James’ team optimize their LinkedIn Profiles.

That’s another good job hunting tip – have an Optimized LinkedIn Profile.

One of the things that make a really good impression with recruiters and hiring managers is referrals on your LinkedIn profile.

Send out an email to old/current co-workers and managers or bosses and ask them to write up a referral for you to post on LinkedIn.

Once you have a killer Australian resume and an optimized LinkedIn profile with a ton of referrals, it’s time to start the job searching.

Since you have a PR visa you don’t have to worry about visa sponsorship.

Top Websites for Jobs in Australia are:

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I also have a brief post that lists several recruiters in Sydney that you might want to check out too.

BUT BEFORE YOU START APPLYING, you need a job search strategy. This is probably the most important part of this whole email.

The reason is, it’s better to apply for just one job at a company or with a recruiting agency than to apply for five jobs with the same company or recruiter.

In fact, over applying will completely kill any possibilities of getting a job with that specific company because it makes it look as though you’re not sincere about your application. Instead, you want to apply for the one perfect position that is in your wheelhouse. Don’t worry, once your resume has been submitted, the recruiter or hiring manager may actually contact you with other opportunities at the company.

This is a tip from Nadine Myers of Nadine has helped many Sydney Moving Guide subscribers find jobs in Australia. She specializes in helping people find visa sponsoring jobs but has now branched out to Working Holiday Jobs and PR visa Jobs.

Nadine takes you through step-by-step to finding a job in Australia, from writing a CV and personal cover letter to job searching strategies.

But the best part of Nadine’s program is her secret list of recruiters.

You see, Nadine was a recruiter in Australia for 14 years and through working for different companies and recruiting agencies, she has built up a network of recruiters that she shares only with her clients.

She also knows exactly what recruiters are looking for.

I highly recommend both of Nadine’s products and have sent many people her way.

I got a quick question for you.

Are you, at least, finding positions advertised in your field?

If that’s the case then at least you know something is out there and it’s probably more that you’re applying from overseas that is the problem.

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You should also know that companies usually stop hiring around the end of the year and then start again around February and March.

I know that doesn’t really work out with your schedule, but that could be part of the reason you’re having a hard time right now.

Thanks for getting in touch and good luck.

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