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New Addition to Sydney Moving Guide!

This is an updated version of my previous resources page. I’m still in the process of adding all of the resources I have collected over the years and will continue to add more as I come across them in my research.

Do you have a favourite resource or a business recommendation that you think other expats moving to Australia need to know about? Awesome! Click here to add it for free. Don’t forget to leave a review with your recommendation.

Have a bad experience with your move? Maybe the shipping company was not up to par or your migration agency overcharged you. Here is where you can have your say and let others know to avoid that company. It’s a great way to pay-it-forward.

Do you own a business that you would like to add? That’s fine too, but you need to know I only approve business listings that are relevant and of interest to Sydney Moving Guide readers. If your business is not, I will delete it! Click here to find out more.

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