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The Qantas Walkabout Air Pass is the Ultimate Ticket to Australia

Qantas isn't kidding around with this pass! It's the best way to see more of Australia, especially if you don't want to spend too much time travelling from one destination to the next.

We tell everyone that comes to visit us about the Qantas Walkabout Air Pass.

With this air pass you can book up to six domestic flights at the same time you book your international flight.

It doesn't matter if your travelling from the States or the UK, the pass can be used by anyone as long as it includes an international flight.

The pass takes some planning, so be sure to check out the website and give them a call if you have to. I know calling an airlines is not something anyone looks forward to but to make sure your air pass is properly sorted out it might be best to talk to an actual person. Plus they have suggestions for what to do and when is the best time of year to go where.

What's Included in the Qantas Walkabout Air Pass

Qantas has the largest domestic airline network in Australia due to the inclusion of the Jet Star network. Twenty-seven Australian cities are included in the Walkabout Pass and are divided into three zones.

And get this, it includes NEW ZEALAND!

I know. It just got better. Seriously, I'm jealous.

With the inclusion of New Zealand, that makes four zones total. You might find it hard to stick to just six flights.

qantas walkabout pass

Direct flights from Sydney with Qantas Domestic. All are available destinations with the Walkabout Pass. Image from

Above are all the direct flights you can book from Sydney. There's no way you're flying all the way to Australia and NOT going to Sydney, right?

Customise Your Trip with the Qantas Walkabout Air Pass

The Walkabout Pass allows you to customise your trip with the multi-city booking engine. As I mentioned above, you can include up to six flights.  

The only catch is you must book your Walkabout Pass at the same time you book your Qantas international ticket. You cannot book your international flight then decide that you want to add on a Walkabout Pass. So before you get online to book your flight to Australia, think about where else you want to go.

You should also be aware that there are zone fares for every sector of the flights.

For example, say you would like to fly from Uluru (Ayers Rock) to Melbourne but the booking engine does not have any direct flights. The only flights available go through Sydney. This means zone fares for each leg of the flight, from Uluru to Sydney and from Sydney to Melbourne, will apply.

This is what I mean by it takes some planning ahead of time as the more direct flights you book the less the cost of the pass.

Here's a Few Suggestions on Where to Go

Obviously I'm bias and think that Sydney is a must see destination that has to be included in your pass. Starting with Sydney, we have a few suggestions on where to go with your Walkabout Pass.

Wine Tour of Australia

  1. Starting Point (ie where you call home)
  2. Sydney – Day trip to Hunter Valley. Be sure to try Hunter Valley's white wines not just Shiraz. The Semillon Sauvignon Blanc;blends are very nice.
  3. Perth – Two day wine tour of Margaret River
  4. Adelaide – One or two days touring Barossa Valley, famous for Shiraz. It's a good idea and just plain fun to rent bikes in the valley. That way you avoid driving when drinking 'cause trust me, you're going to be drinking.
  5. Melbourne – One day trip to Yarra Valley and one day trip to Mornington Peninsula. Both areas are famous for Pinot Noir
  6. Back Home

Australian Icon Tour

  1. Starting Point
  2. Sydney – Tour the Opera House, or even better, see an event at the Opera House. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  3. Uluru (Ayers Rock) – Best to go during winter (June or July). Sunrise or Sunset tours of Uluru are breathtaking.
  4. Cairns – Go snorkelling or diving at the Great Barrier Reef.
  5. Melbourne – Tour the Great Ocean Road. The helicopter tour over the Twelve Apostles is pretty cool but kind of scary. Not scary because of the helicopter but because of the price tag.
  6. Back Home – Sleep for a few days because you're going to be tired after a trip like this.

Australian Animal Lovers Tour

  1. Starting Point
  2. Sydney – Taronga Zoo is a great zoo. There is also Featherdale but I won't recommend it. I would also skip the Sydney Aquarium. Instead plan a day trip to the Central Coast where you'll see Dolphins at Nelson's Bay and you might be lucky and see a few koalas.
  3. Brisbane – Cuddle a koala at the Koala Sanctuary.
  4. Adelaide – Kangaroo Island is all about wildlife. Try and spend a whole day there.
  5. Melbourne – Penguin Parade is a must plus you'll see Mornington Peninsula which is beautiful.
  6. Back Home – If you even back it back home because after you've cuddle your first koala you won't want to leave.

The Qantas Walkabout Air Pass is a great way to see a lot of Australia for less.

Play around with the booking engine and see where you can go and what the cost will be.

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What Are You Taking to Sydney When You Move? Do You Know Yet?

The truth is you don’t need to know right now, for sure, what’s going with you.

But you do have to get a shipping quote ASAP, especially now.

Why? Because international moving companies need to schedule your move to Australia far in advance, some ask for 6 months in advance. Yes, COVID has changed everything, including international shipping.

When filling out the form below…

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  2. Moving date is an estimate. You don’t need exact dates right now. Go with your best guess.
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    • Studio or 1 Bedroom —> 20 m3
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  4. Use your “real” contact details for BOTH phone and email. Yes, the form is secure. If you don’t use your real contact details, then they can’t get in touch with you for your quote. Makes sense, right?