Whether you’re relocating to our shores for your spouse, or you’re moving for a fresh start, to pursue better opportunities, there are some aspects of the Australian job market that you should consider.

Australia is a vast, geographically diverse continent, and doing your research including putting out the feelers before you arrive in Sydney or another destination will increase your employment chances post-touchdown.

There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbor’s free, and the beach is free. Russell Crowe, Actor

Have you thought about what’s in demand?

Each country has its specific areas of expertise – and exports – that often dictate the type of jobs that are in demand. In an article published on Career FAQs in 2015, five industries were highlighted as having the ‘brightest futures,’ where skills shortages were low despite significant growth forecasts. These sectors, which should be placed high on your list of potential career prospects, are:

  • Healthcare and Aged Care
  • Education and Training
  • Construction
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Agriculture

Are you visa ready? Will you be able to work?

Most Australian employers will want you to be fully eligible to live and work here before they offer you a permanent role. There are probably some industries that will accept a temporary working holiday visa, particularly for more casual positions. But only really experienced candidates in talent-short industries are likely to be offered assistance in obtaining a work visa for Australian shores. Know what your PR rights are before you start approaching prospective employer organizations.

Do you know enough Aussie (Sydney) speak?

It’s going to be highly beneficial to spend time acquainting yourself with Australia’s local customs and interests. Most prospective employers will want to assess your personality in an interview (phone, email, or face-to-face), in addition to your professional capabilities. Knowing how to engage with them at an ‘Aussie level,’ such as via slang or common sporting interest, such as Sydney’s NRL, will help you to stand out and convey ease of assimilation.

“Thankfully, Aussies have a great sense of humor and I’ve found they love it when you show that you’re a little bit human. So if you can laugh at your own mistakes and give as good as you get, you’ll be embraced into both professional and social life.” Bane Hunter, Executive Director of GetSwift & Former New Yorker

Are you savvy about the Australian job application protocol?

Increase your familiarity with Australia’s most common recruitment platforms, such as online SEEK, and consider making contact with some local recruiters to boost your local job market knowledge. Also consider looking up and/or hooking up with recruitment bloggers specifically focused on the Australian marketplace – these top five were recommended by Social Talent in 2016:

It can no doubt be a daunting prospect reigniting or reinventing yourself professionally in a new country, but the more prepared you are with knowledge and understanding, the more likely you’ll be to gain employment.

Larger Australian cities like Sydney are fast-paced and cosmopolitan, with many career opportunities ready for the taking. Get your visa ready, do your research, make some connections, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a “true blue” Aussie worker.

Don't miss this post on optimizing your resume for Australia, even if you aren't looking for visa sponsorship the advice will still work for you. 

About the Author: Sarah Cronin has extensive experience in collaborating with job seekers entering Australia to ensure their next chosen career step is professionally presented and successfully obtained. In addition to resumes and cover letters, she also designs LinkedIn profiles, selection criteria, and other career documentation, as well as job interview skills training, that ensures your career prospers. Contact Sarah through her website if you’d like to discuss your needs further.

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