Are You Moving to Sydney with Your Cat or Dog?

This week’s Mailbox Monday post is about finding Pet-Friendly Rentals in Sydney.

Today’s Question:

My husband has already relocated to Sydney and has been chatting with his co-workers about rental properties.

He was surprised to learn that it will be very difficult to find a rental with our cat (just one). His co-workers said that lying about pet ownership is common on rental applications and recommended that we take this route. I don’t feel comfortable with this.

Is this standard practice? Can you offer any insights?

Lauren’s Reply

So this is going to crack you up. You’ll need to create a pet resume for the real estate agent/owner.

Yes, your cat will need a resume.

Check this article out on how to write a resume for your cat.

It’s probably not absolutely needed if you find an owner who has pets and understands life with pets. I’m sure they would be more relaxed about it.

The website above has a search engine for pet-friendly rentals, but it’s kind of weird. You have to download it and it’s only for Firefox. I’m not too keen to download things that I’m not really sure about.

I would go to to search for pet friendly rentals. You’ll have to start your initial search that won’t allow to filter by pets allowed. After you click search, you can then select the pets allowed option on the left sidebar. also lists apartment rentals, some are by the owner which might be a good option. If it’s pet-friendly and rented by an owner you will probably have better odds.

As far as just keeping your cat a secret, that’s a bit risky. Though we have never had someone check us out after we rented a place but then we also didn’t get any complaints. I do have a friend who’s dog was bugging the neighbor’s barking at night. They complained to the North Sydney Council and she ended up with a ticket for $250! So if you choose to be sneaky get in good with your neighbours.

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