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Sydney Moving Guide is a resource and growing community of expats and immigrants, all moving to Australia.

We provide direct access to practical step-by-step relocation guides and curated resources for our audience and community members so they can move to Australia with confidence, knowing they have made all the right decisions for themselves and their families.

Our goal is to get into the details of relocating to Australia without getting into the weeds.

Do you own a company or provide a service that helps people move to Australia?

If the answer is yes, then we would love to hear from you.

We offer different types of partnerships.

Some partnerships are a simple exchange of information, in the form of a question and answer formatted post in our private Facebook group with over 2,200 members or on our Facebook page with over 11,000 followers, or as a detailed guide published on the website with social media promotion across all channels.

Other partnerships are referral based where we agree on a percent commission for signups or accounts opened through a dedicated link or signup page.

And some are as simple as a listing on our resources page.

Our most successful partnerships are a combination with the addition of a promotion code or exclusive discount for Sydney Moving Guide readers.

These partnerships are successful because we work together on content for the website and involve the Facebook group and email subscribers for feedback. This combination of direct feedback paired with an exclusive offer works well for generating referrals on a long-term basis.

The majority of our partnerships have been long-term, several since 2014.

We only work with companies, service providers, and brands that are interested in partnerships.

As of 2020, we no longer offer banner ads, paid or sponsored blog posts. In the past, we did, but due to the low quality of these posts and banner ads, we have decided to stop because these ads and posts didn't offer any value to our community.

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