Free Moving to Sydney Checklist
Plus Access to Private Facebook Group

FAQs about Subscribing and Facebook Group:

Q: Why do I have to subscribe to join the group?

A: Originally the group was open to everyone. Unfortunately, the amount of spam got out of control and I decided to limit it to just SMG email subscribers. We do still get some spam posts in the group but no where near before. Side note, if you do decide to join us on Facebook and you ever see a spam post in the group, please report them to me and I will delete it asap. Cheers.

Q: Will my friends, family and coworkers see that I joined the group?

A: This is a closed group which means only group members will see any posts/comments you make. Even if you are tagged in a post/comment within the group, only group members will see it. I also changed the name of the group from Sydney Moving Guide to SMG Facebook Group so that only people that know what SMG stands for know it’s a group for people moving to Sydney.