If you are planning to ship parcels to Australia it is your responsibility to understand the current Australian Customs regulations.

There are several things to take into account whether you are moving to this amazing part of the world, traveling on business or shipping goods to a customer or distributor. You have to be prepared for any potential delays or issues that could arise.

Potential Costs of Importing Goods into Australia

Some items that enter the Australian customs might require you to pay additional costs such as tax (GST) and duty.

The duty is worked out by calculating the price of the goods after they have been converted into Australian dollars. If you need to pay GST this is calculated by adding the value of the goods and the duty tax, insurance and the cost of the international transport.

All of these sums are added together and the GST totals 10% of the final sum. Handily, there are some helpful online calculators to help you work out some of the potential tax and duty costs.

You will need to make a declaration for any goods that you ship out that have a value of $1000 AUD.

Import declarations incur a processing fee which is determined according to how you submit your form. You can choose to submit your declaration online or manually. If you are sending dutiable goods customs might want to see documents such as invoices, sales receipts, insurance, as well as the value and ownership of the goods.

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Saving Costs by Using an Experience Courier

It is possible to reduce these processing fees if you find a regular international courier that frequently transports goods into Australia.

The couriers will have the experience and know-how and can reduce your workload and fees by taking on some of the tasks involved in moving goods through customs. If you find the documentation and regulations difficult to complete or simply don’t have time to manage them yourself, then reach out to a third party courier who can take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Prohibited Items

Before shipping any parcels to Australia you’ll need to check whether your good will pass through customs clearance without restrictions.

There are many items that could be refused and if you are unsure of whether or not your shipment is suitable, the best thing to do is speak to Australian customs or to ask your courier who will be able to give you further assistance.

Saving Time and Money

Delays can occur when the right documentation is not completed or not included with shipments. Therefore it is essential that you attach all the relevant documents with your package and complete the necessary paperwork in full.

Delays can cost you money and cause frustration for you or your customers on the other side. It pays to do your research early and get everything in order such as additional costs and expected arrival times.

Working with an international courier will resolve many issues that are caused by Australian customs. They will help you understand the system, take the pain of the paperwork away and reduce any risk of delays through customs clearance.

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