How far in advance should you apply for a Working Holiday Visa? What’s the cost? How long is it valid for once granted?

Today’s Email

I’ve messaged you before about apartments in Sydney.

Although my expat is a long ways away I’m still working on getting prepared for the trip.

I know that you personally did the 457 Visa, but I was wondering how much you know about the Working Holiday Visa? It is the one I would be interested in should I actually make my trip to Sydney.

If I am planning to go during the summer of 2016, how far in advance should I apply for the visa?

If I do it now would there be an option to not have it activated until a certain date or something like that?

Not sure if you know the answers, but it’s worth a shot!

Lauren’s Reply

Thanks for getting in touch.

First off, there are two different Working Holiday Visas in Australia. Since you didn’t mention where you are from I’ll give you the details for both.

Both WHV subclasses are for applicants that are at least 18 years of age and no older than 31.

The Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 is for applicants with an eligible passport from: Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (including British National Overseas passport holders), Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

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The Working Holiday Visa Subclass 462 is for applicants with an eligible passport from: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Uruguay.

Note: Your passport must be valid for the whole year you are in Australia.

Neither subclass allows for dependents (children) to accompany you to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

The processing time for a Working Holiday Visa is 48 hours with Visa First for both subclasses.

The cost for a Working Holiday Visa 417 is of course dependant on where you are from.

  • Canada – $495CAD
  • Ireland – €365
  • New Zealand – $595NZD
  • UK and other countries – £315

The cost for a Working Holiday Visa 462 is $495 USD

Once your visa is granted, you have one year to arrive in Australia.

Hope this helps.


<– To Apply for a Working Holiday Visa 417 Click Here. –>

<– To Apply for a Working Holiday Visa 462 Click Here. –>

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