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Moving to Sydney is Expensive.

Without a place to call home, you may find yourself forking out beaucoup bucks renting a short-term accommodation in Sydney while you look for something more permanent. In Sydney, a city that is frequently listed as one of the most expensive in the world, this can be very costly.

House sitting is one way to combat that cost. There is no rent to pay and you will have a place of your own to use as a base while you get yourself settled in.

What is Housesitting?

House sitting involves looking after other people’s homes (and usually pets) while they are away. A typical house sitting assignment can last anything from a few days to several months and in very rare cases several years. During this time you will be responsible for a list of chores the homeowners have asked you to carry out while they are away. These depend on the particular house sitting assignment but usually include:

  • Feeding and looking after any pets
  • Watering the plants and sometimes light gardening work
  • Collecting the mail
  • Being in the property regularly to act as a deterrent to burglars

In return for carrying out these chores, you will get to live in the property rent-free. If you are just moving to Sydney, this can be a fantastic way to start off your life in Sydney. Aside from not having to pay rent, some of the other benefits include having your own personal space (as opposed to roughing it in a hostel), having an address for correspondence (providing you double-check with the homeowner first), and having a source of local knowledge (the homeowner) to give you advice about where to begin your job and flat hunting search. always had a good list of houses that need sitters in Sydney dotted around the city. If you already know which part of Sydney you would like to stay in, you can use the map tab to search for house sits in that area.

If you sign up for, use the promo code ‘sydneymovingguide’ to get 25% off a house sitter membership.

Frequently Asked Questions About House Sitting in Sydney

How easy is it to find house sits and how likely am I to get one?

Finding house sits is easy. Just use the link mentioned above to see where house sitters are needed in and around Sydney.

You can greatly increase your chances of getting accepted for a house sit by having a well-filled out profile, good pictures, and where possible a police background check. Take a look at these house sitters based in Sydney to see some examples of excellent profiles.

Is there anything to pay?

Every house sit is different and if you are lucky enough to get a long-term housesit the homeowner may ask you to contribute to the bills.

In most cases, especially for short-term assignments, the only thing you will have to pay is your membership fee to whichever housesitting website you sign up for.

Can I Work and House Sit?

Every homeowner is different so you will need to check if this is okay when applying for the house sit. Remember, your first priority is always to carry out the responsibilities you have been asked to take on (e.g. dog walking or keeping the cat company).

Can I Flat/Job Hunt and Housesit?

Most house sitters spend a few hours away from the house each day, so you could potentially use this time to apply for jobs or attend interviews. Again, you should speak with the homeowner beforehand to double-check this is okay with them.

(Lauren: Wanted to also mention that you might want to ask the homeowner if you can use their mailing address for when you are looking for an apartment in Sydney, opening up your bank account, or for anything else you may need a physical address for. Just remember to change the address when you are done house sitting!)

This is a sponsored guest post, even so, I think it's is very relative to anyone moving to Sydney and wanting to save some money on accommodations. You can also house sit all over the world! Not just in Sydney.

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What Are You Shipping to Sydney When You Move? Do You Know Yet?

The truth is you don’t need to know right now, for sure, what’s going with you.

But you have to get your shipping quote ASAP, especially now.

Why? Because international shipping companies need to schedule your shipment to Australia far in advance, some ask for 6 months in advance. Yes, COVID has changed everything, including international shipping.

When filling out the form below…

  1. You don’t need a street address for where you’re moving to, only the city and country. What they really want to know is the major shipping port.
  2. You don’t need exact dates right now. Go with your best guess.
  3. Don’t bother with calculating your volume. Use one of the estimates below for your estimated volume.
    • Studio or 1 Bedroom —> 20 m3
    • 2 Bedroom —> 25 m3
    • 3 Bedroom —> 30 m3
    • 4 Bedroom or 3 Bedroom + Car —> 50 m3
  4. Use your “real” contact details for BOTH phone and email. Yes, the form is secure. If you don’t use your real contact details, then they can’t get in touch with you for your quote. Makes sense, right?