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This Mailbox Monday post is from someone who already lived in Sydney for a year from 2001 – 2012 and fell in love with it. He is now planning a more permanent move to Sydney and had some questions about job search resources.

As always, I’ve asked permission to post the email, though I have altered it slightly and, of course, left out all the personal contact info.

Today’s Question

My wife and daughter and I moved for her work to Sydney from 2011-2012 and LOVED it.

We came home for my father’s illness but think we may want to locate for good there as her company may be making her another offer.

The expense is challenging, but I feel like if we can settle in for a few years and deal with the hardship part of the experience it is possible.

You mention the ferry, there is so much beauty to see there for free. I worked in the Bayor bldg while we were there. The birds alone make it worthwhile.

What kinds of services do you offer? Among other things, I would need help with a job search perhaps.

Lauren’s Reply

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The beautiful landscape of the city always floors me on a daily basis. Such a good spot of the world to be in.

Sorry for the late reply and to hear about your dad. It really does feel so far away, especially when a family crisis happens. We’ve had to go through a couple of family loses in the years we’ve been in Australia. It’s a long way to go but so worth it when you get there and can be with family because, in the end, it’s family that counts the most.

As far as services, I don’t currently offer any, just the blog. Sorry.

For jobs, you’ll be on your wife’s visa so you can look more broadly as far as your job search goes.

I started looking for a job and interviewing before we left Seattle. Worked out for me but even with having a job in Sydney, I didn’t actually start until about three months after we arrived.

You’re probably already aware of these websites but, just in case, here are the main job search websites in Australia.

Just noticed that you’re a lawyer.

Is that right? Not sure how that will translate to Australia? What did you do before when you lived in Sydney?

You might want to consider checking out recruiters also. Hays is one of the larger recruiting agencies in Australia. There is also Randstad., a migration agent and recruitment agency.

I did a quick search on LinkedIn and found this group “LAW & LEGAL JOBS Australia & NZ: Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide Canberra Auckland”.

There were several other legal groups that came up too. You might want to try searching yourself on LinkedIn as I’m sure you’re much better at sussing out what kind of employment you’re after.

Hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with too many options. Sorry, I don’t have any recruitment connections for you. Not a bad idea for expanding the website, though.

Let me know if I can be of any more help. Sorry, it took me awhile to get back to you.

All the best,

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