Looking for a Job in Sydney?

Before you start applying for positions take some time to go over your résumé (or CV, as it’s more commonly called in Australia) and make it more Aussie.

Is Your Resume International?

By this I mean simple things like take a look at any acronyms used in your CV, are these internationally understood acronyms? If you’re not sure then it’s best to spell it out. Switch your spelling from American English to Australian English or UK English. You can actually change your spelling settings in MS Word to make this easier for you. Granted, this is not a huge deal as they will obviously realise you’re from the States but it’s that extra effort that adds a nice touch.

Also state in the objective or purpose of your CV your visa status, if you have one. After I applied for a few jobs in Sydney I realised that I needed to make it very clear that I was on my husband’s 457 visa and therefore didn’t need a visa to work in Sydney. It wasn’t until I stated it clearly that I got any calls for interview.

Australian CVs are not as short and concise as American resumes. They tend to include all experiences from the beginning of their working careers, not just the highlights. Instead of keeping it brief with bullet points, expand a little bit more, adding more details. Don’t go crazy just fill in a few more details.

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For school experience, in Australia a BS or BA degree is not a four year degree but a three year degree. A BS or BA with honours is equal to a four year degree in the States. It is not graduating with honours, or advanced placement, or whatever you might call it. So when you are looking for a job they are not asking for you to have graduated in the top of your class, though I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

Got Your CV Done? Time To Start Searching For A Job In Australia.

Australian job search websites are:
1. Indeed Jobs
2. mycareer.com.au
3. www.seek.com.au
4. Adzuna.com.au

Check out Working in Australia and be sure to “Like” their Facebook page too. They post new job postings and job expos from around the world regularly on their Facebook page.

What if you do not have a visa yet but want to move to Australia?

LinkedIn is your answer. Search for “Recruiter Sydney” under people and you will get a list of recruiters in Sydney. Scroll through and find someone who is a recruiter for either an agency or an internal recruiter for a company in your field. From there send them a quick note through LinkedIn and attach your CV.

Seek has a complete list of recruiters in Sydney.

Other Australian Recruiting Sites To Check Out.

Oracle iRecruitment

Ashdown Consulting

Design & Build Recruitment

Hays Recruitment

AustCorp Executive Recruitment

Randstad Australia Pty Ltd

By going through a recruiter you are more likely to find a better fitting position and an employer actively looking who willing to help you obtain a working visa and even help out with your move to Sydney.

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Another option is trying the new Skillselect online service that matches up experienced workers with Australian employers.

If you have a 457 Temporary Business Visa or another temp business visa and you want to change jobs, you can.  Your new employer will need to take over your visa which is fairly simple.  If you leave your job while on a Temporary Business Visa, you have 28 days 90 days to find a new sponsor before your visa is not longer valid.

Good luck with the job search and keep in touch!