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Discover The Secrets to Finding Sponsored Jobs in Australia Now and Stop Doing all the Things That Are Preventing You From Gaining Interest From Australian Employers

Approximately 75-95% of jobs that will offer employer sponsorship are not advertised in the market.

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Here’s another truth that Australian recruitment agencies don’t want you to know; It is a proven fact that if you bypass the recruitment agency and approach the Australian employer directly, you have more chance of being considered for employer sponsorship. Australian recruiters don’t want you to know this because they want to earn the fee from finding a candidate to fill the employer’s vacancy. There is a reason for this, Australian recruiters make more money focusing only on the Australian market to find candidates as they can quickly fill the vacancies and earn their fee. But wait…there are ways you can get around this and strategies that can help you, and even get recruiters on your side.

Every day there are more things going against overseas job seekers

It is a fact that Australian immigration is making it harder and harder for people to migrate to Australia, whether through the general migration route or employer sponsorship. We keep learning about new rules they are bringing out that are making it more and more challenging to qualify for employer sponsorship in Australia. There’s not much we can do to prevent Australian immigration from changing their rules against our favour, but there’s a lot we can do to work with the changes and to improve our chances of finding employer sponsorship in Australia.

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