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The Find Jobs in Oz ePackage was created by Nadine Myers, as the ultimate compilation of the best information, methods, techniques and strategies that have enabled loads of foreign nationals to migrate to Australia with a job. Find Jobs in Oz is the most complete and comprehensive guide available on this topic.

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Hello, my name is Nadine Myers. I’m 40 years old and I’m an expert on helping skilled foreign nationals to find jobs in Australia. I have a Business Degree and Post Graduate studies; however that is not how I came to be an authority in the field of job search for emigrants to Australia. The main reason I have developed a reputation in this field is because since I joined the workforce nearly 20 years ago I have been working in the fields of recruitment, Human Resources and migration in Australia and various countries internationally. I started a resume writing and job search assistance business back in March 2008 (followed by several specific job sponsorship assistance and resume writing websites, including Resume Australia and NadineMyers.com) and immediately commenced working with migrants to Australia who were having difficulty finding their first job in Australia; as well as people in other countries trying to find sponsored jobs in Australia.

Over the years, with my one-on-one professional work assisting migrants and ‘would be’ migrants to find employment in Australia, my additional research and studies into how other foreign nationals managed to secure employment in Australia (including sponsored employment), together with my research into how to tap into the hidden job market in Australia and how to get noticed by Australian employers; I eventually became an expert in this field and have finally compiled all of my findings in the new ePackage, Find Jobs in Oz.

This has been quite a laborious task over the past 7 years putting together all the different successful strategies for finding jobs in Australia for foreigners, and I am so pleased to finally release the set of step-by-step guides so that more and more people can find success in their search for jobs in Australia.

The first books I ever wrote were “Find a Job in Australia”, “Australian Resumes: Steps to Creating an Effective Australian Resume”, “Australian Cover Letters: Steps to Creating an Effective Australian Cover Letter”, “CVs for Job Sponsorship in Australia” and “LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search”, “How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia“; along with numerous articles for international migration magazines and online articles.

I have also featured on several YouTube videos on the topic of sponsored jobs in Australia.

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