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Moving abroad can be exciting, however, it does come with some unique financial challenges. We help to take the complexity out of relocation.

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Moving to a new country can be an extremely exciting and rewarding journey for you and your family, however, it does come with some unique challenges that need careful consideration and specialist advice. Failure to pay sufficient attention to your financial setup can lead to significant errors and inefficiencies that could make your financial objectives more difficult to achieve.

The sooner you take the time to know and understand your new country’s financial system, the quicker you can set yourself on a path to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

Wealth Protection

Insurance is often seen as unnecessary. Unfortunately, we simply don’t know what’s around the corner. For many of us it’s all about wealth creation, but having the right level of protection in place will assist you and your family through the hard times and cover the unexpected.

Insurance can help preserve your most valuable asset, your ability to generate an income. Many of us insure our personal assets but in the event of not being able to work through sickness or accident neither would be covered. Insurance can help preserve your earning potential and protect you and your family’s lifestyle.

Superannuation & Investments

How you manage your super today can mean the difference between a limited lifestyle and a comfortable retirement. Are you employing the right strategies to meet your retirement goals? Do you know where your money is being invested?

Our experienced advisers will help you get more out of your assets, with tax-effective strategies and making the most of government benefits. We’ll provide an investment portfolio designed to reach your specific goals.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are a great way to take control of your super investments, but with greater control comes more responsibility. Do you have the time and knowledge it takes to maximise your return?

We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process, helping you research options and manage your fund. We’ll also work with your tax professional to streamline fees and reduce tax, making sure your super is working harder for you.


Whether it’s buying your first home, finding an investment property, or even helping your children into the property market, understanding the right financial approach to real estate is a life event that can cause stress and plenty of sleepless nights.

Choosing the right strategy towards your property goals is crucial to your success. At Apt, our focus is on helping you plan for the future, providing advice on saving for deposits, borrowing capacity, paying off debt, downsizing, and structuring your property purchases.

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