Moving to Australia with Pets

Animal Airlines flew into history in the 1960s when we transported our first pet dog by air. Our experience in dealing with anxious animals and the logistics of transporting pets overseas ensures we take the greatest of care. Every day thousands of creatures move through UK airports – snakes, fish, pets, birds of prey – we believe all creatures great and small should be given VIP care.

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So you’re making the move to Australia and setting up a new life with your family. Of course that means you’re moving your pets too. Dogs and Cats make up the largest number of pets brought into Australia and the Aussies love their furry friends just as much as we do.

Pet travel to Australia can seem like a minefield; paperwork, vaccinations, fees; it’s our job to guide you through your pet relocation journey and ease the stresses for you and your cat or dog. Having relocated our first dog in the 1960s we have a wealth of experience and a trail of happy cats and dogs to tell the tale.

So how can we help you?

Well, we are proud to offer you a comprehensive service and rundown on taking your dog or cat to Australia. What sets us apart is that we guide you through the entire process, you remain in control of everything and we act as a trusty helping hand to lead the way.

We feel this is a very important distinction. We understand how much you love your cat or dog and don’t want to spend any more time away from them than is necessary – this is important for you but also for the emotional wellbeing of the animal.

When taking your dog or cat to Australia they need to stay connected with you as much as possible so that when it comes to that time when you can’t be there (or aren’t allowed to be there) it helps to reduce their anxiety. Using our services you remain with your pet until such time as you check them in on the day of travel – that opportunity to hear a purr or go for a last tummy rub shouldn’t be missed by pet or owner.

For a quotation for taking your cat or dog to Australia please complete our online quotation request form.

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