1st Move International are a specialist international removals company offering fast, weekly services direct from the UK to Australia. Our unbeatable palletised shipping offers the best protection for your personal belongings. Get your free quote now. Ship it like the pros!

Detailed Description

Who We Are and What We Do

Over 20 years ago the company primarily acted as a professional freight forwarder, arranging the shipping of commercial goods overseas for exporters and manufacturers. We are members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), a recognised trade body of professional moving companies used by UK manufacturers and the British Association of Removers (BAR), the UK’s premier trade association promoting professional excellence amongst moving companies.

In the early years the company was frequently asked to relocate our clients staff to overseas posts and gladly took the opportunity to ensure that our clients personal effects were afforded the same quality of service that was given to their own commercial shipments. That process begins with the quality of packing.

Our years of experience in moving goods overseas taught us a few lessons. It is essential to get things shipped quickly and ensure that the export paperwork is of the highest standard. However the most important aspect of any international removals process is simply to make sure that the goods turn up undamaged and exactly as they left the UK. That same philosophy applies when conducting international removals for private clients when shipping their household goods and personal effects overseas.

At 1st Move we have the best systems and staff in place and have the highest quality of customer service, but if the goods are not packed safely and securely for the stresses and strains of an international move you are simply asking for trouble. Making sure your possessions are safe and secure is our number one priority.

Not Your Usual Mover

The traditional way of shipping goods overseas is to combine everyone’s personal effects, loosely, into a 20ft or 40ft container. In effect traditional movers need to pack your goods tightly, with everyone else, to maximize the profit on that container. Space is money. That container needs filling.

A traditional International Removals Company now has to wait for more clients to book additional cargo so they can fill up the container and maximise their profit. Some of them have to wait a long time, and trying to get an accurate shipping date or sailing time from them can sometimes be a challenge.

Just ask your mover when your goods will be shipped. At 1st Move the answer is next week.

We do Things a Little Differently

We treat every move is an individual job. By using our bespoke packing systems we are able to load your goods with commercial companies and ship out weekly to over 6400 destinations. We do not wait to fill up containers, we don’t need to. There are over 8 ships leaving the UK every week for Australia alone, all filled with the export orders from UK companies and manufacturers. The UK’s exporting and manufacturing companies don’t wait weeks for their goods to be shipped from the UK. And neither do 1st Move Customers.

Once your goods are securely packed and palletized by 1st Move they are shipped. We don’t hang around. Our packing systems also ensure we can accurately measure your move and charge you for the exact space taken up inside our containers. No Guessing. Our packing systems also ensure a safer move by minimising risk and maximising safety and can also speed your move through overseas customs who do not need to hold a full container waiting for one troublesome client who has not complied with customs regulations. They simply separate and customs clear your own pallets without needing to hold up a full container of mixed up personal effects. Neat.

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