I use to send this story in an email to my newsletter subscribers, but I got so many replies saying that the photo alone gave them a heart attack that I had to stop sending it out.

It's a good story and soon, after you've been living in Australia for a short while, you will hear many other spider stories as everyone has at least one. You might even have one of your own to tell.

Living in Australia as an Expat Is an Adventure, Even on Seemingly Ordinary Days.

After a few months of living in Sydney, you start to get into a routine, kind of just like back home. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

For me, my morning routine is pretty simple. Wake up, go for a jog around Rushcutters Bay (highly recommend it), head back to our apartment, turn the kettle on for coffee and get myself cleaned up before heading off to work.

Some days it feels like I could be anywhere in the world, but Australia has a special way of reminding me that I most certainly AM NOT.

Huntsman Spiders Like to Hide.

This morning, my usual morning routine was completely turned upside down by the spider in the photo above.

This spider was quietly waiting for me to discover it, hidden inside my bath towel hanging on the wall rack, which of course I did just before wrapping the towel around me.

Did I scream?

Oh yeah, I screamed. I honestly didn’t know I was capable of screaming so loudly.

My husband busted through the door thinking that I was being attacked.

What? What?” He shouted looking around the bathroom and not finding an intruder.

I just pointed at my bath towel, now in a pile on the floor.


He gave me that “geez, here we go again” look. It’s true, I don’t like spiders and have gladly appointed him the Spider Killer of the family. A role he doesn’t really cherish.

He reached out to pick up the towel and took a look.

“I won’t do that,” I warned.

“Why? How big – HOLY FRUITCAKE!!” Well, he didn’t really say fruitcake, but you get the idea.

He dropped the towel and ran out of the bathroom.

Awesome Babe. Thanks for the help. You’re the best.

It was the biggest spider either of us had ever seen.

Did he go perhaps to get a shoe? Nope.

Maybe a very large and heavy book? Nope.

He went to get the camera.

Not all the photos you'll share on Facebook will be of the Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach.

Yes, the camera.

Why? Because he wanted to post it on Facebook. Yes, Facebook.

And he did. Here's the photo.

Huntsman Spider

I tiptoed as quickly as I could around the bath towel, out to the bedroom where I found a non-spider occupied towel, had to check twice and dried off.

While I was getting dressed, my husband appeared in the bedroom.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you mean you don’t know what to do?” Didn’t he realize that Spider Killer was a life tenure position? There was no resigning, especially not during a crisis.

“That thing is huge. I can’t just use a shoe. I mean…it’s huge. Maybe we should just leave it in the bathroom until later.”

“What?! There is no way I’m not knowing where that thing is in the house. No. Way.”

What do you do when the spider is that big?

We decided that we would catch it in a Tupperware container and take it outside to set it free.

Did you notice how I said WE there?

Well, I went and got the Tupperware. My husband did the actual catching part. Like a pro, I might add. He successfully trapped the spider under the Tupperware container then slid the lid underneath.

He told me later that he had to just hurry up and do it because if he hesitated, even the slightest, he wouldn’t have been able to.

Honestly, there is never a dull moment living in Australia.

If you’re still planning your move to Sydney after reading this, then be prepared because you will also have many, many stories not just about spiders, but about all kinds of wildlife. Right, here in the city.

Like my friend's story about getting peed on by a bat in the Royal Botanic Gardens during her lunch break. Now that's a pleasant story for ya, but I'll save it for another time.

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