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Ill be moving from South Africa with my 5 yr old daughter. I would like her to go to a public school. Do I have to live in the area of the school in order to be accepted and if we live in the exact area of the school, can they turn us down?

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Hi Cath,

You will have to show proof of residence in the school enrolment area. If the school is at or near capacity and you are a temporary visa holder, the school could refer you to another school nearby that is not at capacity. If you are a PR visa holder, and you have proof of residence, the school must enrol your child. 

Proof of residence is usually up to the school principal, so check the school's website. Here's a list of what is usually accepted. You might not need everything on the list and it could be any combination except for the lease agreement. Lease agreement is usually one of the must haves.

  • Lease agreement through a registered real estate agent for a period of at least 6 months or rental
    board bond receipt.
  • Electricity or gas bill showing the service address
  • Telephone or internet bill showing the service address
  • Home contents insurance (renter's insurance) showing the service address
  • Letter from bank showing proof of residence, easy to get just ask your bank or get bank statement
  • Letter from health insurance company with residence address
  • Drivers licence or government issued ID showing home address
  • Motor vehicle registration or compulsory third party insurance policy showing home address

Again, chances are you won't need everything on that list. Best to contact school and see what they require. 

Hope that helps.


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