What Expats Need to Know About Filing a Tax Return in Australia

Being an expat in Australia is not all about cuddling koalas and sunny days at the beach. Don’t get me wrong, Australia is a beautiful country, you couldn’t pick a better place to be an expat, but there are parts of being an expat, anywhere, that totally sucks.

Understanding taxes as an expat is one of them. Not only do you have to stay up-to-date on your taxes back home, but you now have a second country that you will be paying taxes to.

Yes, there are tax treaties between Australia and other countries that do help with not paying double tax on the income you earn in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you do not still have to file a tax return back home as well as in Australia.

There is also a new set of tax rules that you will need to be familiar with in Australia. For example, the first major obstacle that you will need to sort out is if you are even a resident for tax purposes in Australia.

This is separate from which Australian visa you have. Meaning, if you have a temporary residence visa, such as a TSS visa, even though it says “temporary residence” right in the description of the visa, you may be a resident for tax purposes.

That’s just one example of the confusion expats have when it comes to filing their tax return in Australia.

Things get far more complicated and way more confusing if you are a US expat living in Australia. You will need to be familiar with a couple of new forms that you might need to file and a whole new set of due dates. Oh, and stay on top of any new tax reforms that happen while you are living in Australia.

Paying taxes as an expat is a big topic and, when that time of year comes around, fills up my inbox with all kinds of questions.

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What Expats Need to Know About Filing a Tax Return in Australia

An Expat’s Guide to Taxes in Australia

This post is an introduction to Australian taxes for expats. In this post, I cover dates you need to know for filing your taxes in Australia, tax rates for residents in Australia, if you are a resident for tax purposes, Medicare Levy Surcharge income threshold rates, and how to file your tax return in Australia.