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Cost of Living

Just how expensive is it to living in Sydney? In these articles I’ve broken down the Cost of Living in Sydney to help you better budget your new life in Australia.

Cost of Living in Sydney: Breakdown of Rents by Suburb

Are you wondering what your cost of living in Sydney will be? Here is a Guide to Rents in Sydney by Neighborhood that will help with your monthly budget.

Sorting Out the Cost Of Living in Sydney Before You Move

How expensive it is to living in Sydney? To help you estimate your cost of living in Sydney, here is a breakdown of daily and monthly expenses.

How Much Money Do You Needed Saved to Move to Sydney

Not only do you need to budget for the cost of shipping your household to Australia but you also need to think about how...

Car Finance for Expats in Australia

Are you thinking of buying a car when you arrive in Sydney? Here's what you need to know about financing a car in Australia.

Detailed Account of the Cost of Living in Sydney for a...

The cost of living in Sydney is a shocker to almost everyone moving to Australia, even for those moving from cities more expensive like...

Furnishing Your First Apartment in Sydney on a Budget

Doesn’t matter if you decide to ship your household to Australia or arrive with just a suitcase, after finding your first apartment in Sydney...