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Breakdown of What Our Australia Shipping Quote Included

A detailed breakdown of what was included in our shipping quote from Seattle to Sydney, Australia. I also discuss the different packing options, the difference between LCL shipments and FCL shipments and list out everything included in our Australia shipping quote.

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We Have Nothing to Declare

Before arriving in Australia, most expats have heard about Australia’s strict regulations. With the lure of sunshine, lower cost of living and a lifestyle in the great outdoors, Australia wins hands down. It’s no surprise that 43,000 Brits fled Down Under in 2013, with Sydney being a popular spot for relocation.

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What You Need to Know About International Shipping Insurance

It is essential you understand what insurance your shipment qualifies for and how the cost is determined for replacing or repairing any damaged items. The type of insurance is dependent on who is doing the packing. In this post, I’ll break down the difference in insurance and what each covers.

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