School Zone Enrolment Map for Secondary Schools in Sydney

Below is an interactive map of all the secondary schools in Sydney.

Before you get started, there are a few things you need to know:

  1. The map is best viewed on a desktop. If you are using your phone or tablet, you can scroll side to side to see the whole map.
  2. When you hover your mouse over the shaded catchment zone, information about that school zone will pop up. For contact details for a school, zoom in on the dark grey location dot of the secondary school.
  3. Below the map of secondary schools in Sydney, I have added several filters.
    • general location in Sydney
    • coed, boys only or girls only
    • schools years (only a few are kindergarten to 12, most are year 7 and up)
    • selective schools (aka advanced placement secondary schools that students have to test to qualify for)
    • school specialty such as visual arts, performing arts, or technology (most are comprehensive)
    • intensive English classes offered (most do not)
  4. The catchment zones are only for government secondary schools. It does not include private schools in Sydney.

Where did I get the school information from?

Great question. All the information on schools and the catchment zones is from the NSW Education Department Datahub. All I did was map it out and added the tooltip boxes.

If you are looking for exact, street boundaries of a catchment zone, zoom way in and you should be able to see the street name.

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I zoomed in on a couple of the catchment zones and the streets line up exactly with the catchment zone. Just as I would expect given the information is directly from the NSW Education Department.