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Catchment Zones for High Schools in Sydney

Catchment Zones for High Schools in Sydney
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Today’s question was a really good one about catchment zones for high schools in New South Wales.

I actually thought this was going to be an easy question to answer because I’ve gotten pretty good at navigation my way through the NSW Department of Education website.

Boy, was I wrong.

Today’s Question:

Can someone help me find a Catchment Zone Map for Public High Schools in Sydney?

I’ve been searching everywhere and have found one for Adelaide and Brisbane but can’t seem to find one for Sydney.

We’re starting to look at specific neighborhoods in Sydney to live but want to know what the local high school is.

Lauren’s Reply

I have found a high school catchment zone map for Sydney.

I have not verified that this is accurate so please still read the rest of this post and contact the schools directly.

If you do and it does look accurate for the high school you are interested in, can you please get back to me and let me know? Cheers. Lauren
Sydney High School Catchment Zones
There is also this large map that lists high schools in NSW that accepts international students. It doesn’t have catchment zones though.

Before I start listing more resources, what kind of visa do you have?

I’m asking because some schools do not accept temporary visa holder’s kids, like a 457 visa.

If you have a Permanent Residence visa, like an 189 visa, then you should have no problem enrolling your kids in a public school.

Just wanted to point that out.

To verify the catchment zone of a high school you are interested in, you will need to go directly to the school’s website. Most have a catchment zone map or a catchment list of streets on the enroll page of their website.

The ones that don’t, you will need to contact directly.
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Assuming you’re overseas and will be emailing the school, don’t get discouraged if they write back and ask for your street address in Sydney. Then, are unwilling to help you anymore once they realize you are not actually, currently in Australia.

So here’s what I would do if that happens.

Go to, search for rents in the suburb you’re thinking about living in, and copy and paste one of the address of the available apartments into your reply to the school.

Now, if that makes you uncomfortable, to claim it as your address then say something like “we are considering renting this apartment and want to know what high school catchment zone it is in before we do”.

Here’s a map of high school catchment zones for all of Australia. You can zoom in on Sydney then click no the individual catchment zones.

If you have narrowed down the suburbs in Sydney you are interested, in then just focus on those schools. Use the search in the map above for the suburb.

I’m also listing high schools in Sydney below with links to the school.

High Schools in Sydney

Hope that helps, at least, get you started.


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