My Favourite BYO Restaurants in Sydney

It's a work in progress as I discover other BYO restaurants. If you have a favorite, please let me know.

Generally, BYO is a nice way to keep the tab at the end of the night low, but not all restaurants I list below are inexpensive. In fact, there are a few on the list that are some of the top restaurants, as in most expensive, in Sydney, such as Tetsuya's, where dinner will cost you a minimum of $230 per person.

At that price point, showing up with a bottle to keep costs down seems ridiculous. But, for those of you that are wine snobs – first off, here is your chance to own it – and have a special bottle that you have been saving, then this is for you. Personally, if I'm going to Tetsuya's, I'm going all out and paying for matching wines for each course. (Yes, I've been to Tetsuya's, and yes, it's worth it.)

I should point out that BYO is usually wine only, but there are a few that you can BYO beer too. I know it seems kind of weird to rock up to a restaurant with a six-pack, but you'll get used to it quickly.

I have included my recommendations on what to order, but I'm no food critic or even a food blogger. Bring this up because many of my recommendations are repetitive, as you will notice. For example, if soft shell crab or tiramisu is on the menu, I'm going to be ordering it. Also, I am not a vegetarian. The majority of the BYO restaurants listed below are vegetarian-friendly so that you will have options.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff.

BYO Restaurants in Sydney Listed by Suburb

Nguyen Brothers

Address: 21 Fountain St, Alexandria
Phone: (02) 8964 1558
BYO: $3 per person, wine only
Try: Steamed tapioca dumpling with prawn and pork wrapped in banana leave for an entree. Can't go wrong with the rare wagyu beef pho. Not in the mood for pho, then try the crispy chicken with rice or the caramelized pork in a clay pot.


Address: 215 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Phone: (02) 9564 6600
BYO: $2.50 per person, wine only
Try: Barrah Kebab – lamb cutlets marinated in fresh ginger, garlic and spices and cooked in the tandoor. Jhinga Malabari – King shelled prawns cooked in spicy coconut milk gravy. Madrasi Gosht Curry – Delicious spicy South Indian style curry cooked in coconut milk with chicken if you want to skip the lamb. Lamb Roganjosh – lamb cooked in rich gravy along with tomatoes and coriander. I know, two lamb dishes but they are both good.

New Shanghai

Address: 273 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield
Phone: (02) 9797 7284
BYO: $2.50 per person, wine only
Try: Xiao Long Bao – steamed pork dumplings are a must. Pan fried pork buns, prawn wontons with peanut & chili oil, drunken chicken, slow braised pork belly another must try.
Know Before You Go: Several other locations including Chatswood, Westfield Shopping Centre, and Myer Centre. Not sure if corkage fee is the same at all locations.

Blue Ginger

Address: 241 Darling St, Balmain
Phone: (02) 9818 4662
BYO: $4.50 per person, wine only
Try: For starters, betel leaf topped with smoked trout and fried eggplant stuffed with prawns and pork. Crispy skin chicken with chilli, basil, black vinegar dressing and the slow braised beef short ribs (don't worry they are boneless) with chilli, tamarind sauce & cucumber relish.

Cappello Pizzeria

Address: 79 Darling St, Balmain
Phone: (02) 8317 6338
BYO: $10 per bottle, wine only
Try: One if the best pizza places in Sydney. Cappello – pear, blue cheese, and prosciutto is one of the most raved about pizzas here. Pear and blue cheese on a pizza might sound weird, but it's amazing. Other pizzas to try: Prosciutto e Funghi or the Contadina – mozzarella, Italian sausage, potato, and onion with fresh herbs. Not in the mood for pizza? I personally don't understand it but go for the gnocchi gorgonzola with crabmeat or risotto with Italian sausage if that's the case. The Insalata di Capri – buffalo mozzarella salad with basil and tomatoes – or the Insalata di Ruccola – rocket salad with pears – are both excellent for sharing.

Chon Thai

Address: 300 Darling St, Balmain
Phone: (02) 9810 7826
BYO: Sunday to Thursday $4.50 per person, wine only
Try: Get the fresh homemade fish cakes to share, then for entrees the betel leaf with smoked trout or the quail egg wrapped with minced prawn and egg noodle, or get both and share those too. For mains, braised lamb shank massaman curry, steamed barramundi fillets, stir fried wagyu braised beef ribs. Of the salads, the marinated grilled wagyu beef salad is very nice.
Know Before You Go: Avoid Saturday night when it's crazy busy.


Address: 85 Reynolds St, Balmain
Phone: (02) 9810 9125
BYO: Sunday to Thursday – $10 per bottle, wine only
Try: Start with the Culatello and Burrata (fresh mozzarella filled w/ mozzarella & fresh cream). Alla milanese con ossobuco – saffron risotto topped with braised veal osso buco or the ravioli ai porcini if you're a mushroom fan or the fresh gnocchi if you're not. Have room for dessert? Then look no further than the tiramisu.


Address: 20-24 Buchanan St, Balmain
Phone: (02) 9555 5924
BYO: No corkage fee, wine only
Try: Order the antipasto della casa for two while deciding what pizza to get. San Daniele prosciutto pizza is a good choice of all the prosciutto options they have. Yes, there is more than one. The Diavola is also very good or try the Margherita Regina with fresh buffalo mozzarella. Be sure to leave room for the Nutella Calzone for dessert.
Know Before You Go: There are four vegan options with vegan cheese.

Sefa Kitchen

Address: 292 Bondi Rd, Bondi
Phone: (02) 8068 6461
BYO: $4.50 per person
Try: It's all about sharing at Sefa Kitchen. The beetroot bulgur with feta, almonds, and hummus is very good. As is the halloumi with honey. The wagyu brisket or the lamb el helou are excellent.
Know Before You Go: Happy Hour is 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm, weekends only.

Bangkok Bites

Address: 95 Hall St, Bondi Beach
Phone: (02) 9300 8999
BYO: $2 per person
Try: Soft shell crab from their light bites selection. There is a whole section of the menu dedicated to duck. Highly recommend the lucky duck. Charcoal chicken is also very good as are the massaman lamb shanks.
Know Before You Go: Cash only. There is an ATM a block away. This place gets crazy busy. Service is usually quick, but don't expect a smile from anyone.

Brown Sugar

Address: 106 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach
Phone: (02) 9130 1566
BYO: $12 per bottle, wine only
Try: Start with the homemade charcuterie and the roasted halloumi. Fish pie is not something I would usually order, but it's very good and one of the most recommended dishes from reviewers. The squid ink pasta with spanner crab is pretty amazing, as is the chargrilled rib eye. For dessert, the hazelnut chocolate fondant with salted butterscotch and pear sorbet.
Know Before You Go: Good spot for brunch or casual lunch. Service is slow, and you will most likely have to wait for a table, even with a booking.


Address: 126-130 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach
Phone: (02) 8318 2253
BYO: $8 per bottle, wine only
Try: Pizza is the way to go here. Try the Parma with prosciutto, rocket and fior di latte mozzarella or the Speck e Funghi Trifolati with smoked prosciutto, mushrooms and fior di latte mozzarella.
Know Before You Go: Not the best pizza in Sydney, but if you're at Bondi Beach and looking for a BYO that's easy, this is a good choice.

Sean's Panaroma

Address: 270 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Phone: (02) 9365 4924
BYO: $25 per bottle, wine only
Try: Seasonal menu that changes often so hard to recommend anything specific, but the chef's choice menu is five courses (around $120) and always a good value as mains are usually about $45 and entrees are $25 and up.
Know Before You Go: Best to book a table in advance. This is one of those restaurants that offers BYO but you may want to skip it at $25 per bottle unless you have a special bottle of wine to celebrate a special occasion. Personally I would skip, but saving wine for a special occasion is just something I'm not able to do.

Din Tai Fung

Address: 644 George St, CBD
Phone: (02) 9264 6010
BYO: $10 per wine bottle, $2.50 per beer bottle
Try: Xiao Long Bao – pork soup dumplings so good!! Shrimp and Pork Shao Mai dumplings also so good. Besides dumplings, try pork bun, braised beef soup, green beans with minced pork, Shanghai style drunken chicken.
Know Before You Go: Other locations beside World Square are Chatswood Shopping Centre, Central Park Shopping Centre, and smaller cafe courts locations.

Fix Wine Bar + Restaurant

Address: 111 Elizabeth St, CBD
Phone: (02) 9232 2767
BYO: Monday To Friday, 1:30pm on – $25 Per Bottle, wine only
Try: Start with the triple cooked lamb roasties, and salt and pepper school prawns. For mains, Fix has a new menu but any of the steak options would be a good choice as they always get it right.
Know Before You Go: Yes, you can BYO and yes, it is a wine bar, a very good wine bar in fact. Instead of BYO, try a few of the Australian wines they have by the glass to explore Australia's different wine regions.


Address: 529 Kent St, CBD
Phone: (02) 9267 2900
BYO: $30 for the first bottle, $45 for subsequent bottles, wine only
Try: Tetsuya's has a set degustation menu that changes making it hard to recommend specifics. I've had an ocean trout main that was amazing, but everything is amazing here.
Know Before You Go: Dinner is $230 per person plus $110 wine pairing for Australian wines or premium selection European wines for $170. If you have a bottle of wine that you have been saving for a special occasion you are celebrating at Tetsuya's, then BYO. Otherwise, you can order a bottle off their excellent wine list or go for matching wines with dinner.

Spice Alley

Address: 18-20 Kensington St, Chippendale
Phone: (02) 9281 0822
BYO: Free of charge when you bring your own cups or you can purchase a cup for 50 cents each.
Try: A little different here as Spice Alley is not just one restaurant but, you guessed it, the whole alley. BBQ pork buns from Hong Kong Diner are delicious. The spicy satay chicken skewers from Alex Lee Kitchen are a good complement if you want to try many different spots in the alley. Sorry, I only have two recommendations here. Guess I need to do some homework. ;-) KOI dessert bar is just down the road and worth checking out.
Know Before You Go: Hand-Picked Urban Cellar Door is conveniently located nearby to pick up a bottle or two.

Fratelli's Wood Fired Pizza

Address: 332 Military Rd, Cremorne
Phone: (02) 9953 0004
BYO: $2 per person
Try: Very popular neighborhood pizza place for a good reason. Pizzas to try: Diavola or the Rucola e Prosciutto.
Know Before You Go: No reservations taken, but usually tables turn over fast. Bottle shops nearby. Best to go early. Usually fills up by 7pm.


Address: 3/283 Military Rd, Cremorne
Phone: (02) 9909 0063
BYO: $4 per person, wine only
Try: The tasting menus are very good but not cheap. Start with the poppadoms and dips if ordering a la carte. For mains try the braised diced leg of lamb, slow-cooked goat cassia, Have not had dessert here as I never have room for dessert after garlic naan and rice for sides.
Know Before You Go: The friendly service at Nilgiri's makes this a no brainer if anyone living in Cremorne or the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

Summer Salt

Address: 66 Mitchell Rd, Cronulla
Phone: (02) 9523 2366
BYO: Dinner Sunday to Thursday $8 per bottle, Lunch Wednesday to Saturday $8 per bottle, wine only
Try: Starters to try: scallops in shell with tomato stracciatella, prawn kiev with lemon and aioli, and confit duck croquettes with beetroot and caraway relish, sage aioli and crispy sage. For mains, salmon or barramundi when available. Crispy skin pork belly or eye fillet with spiced beetroot mash are good choices if you're not a seafood lover. It's all about the view here.
Know Before You Go: All payments by credit card get a 1.5% surcharge. Service can be hit or miss. Not a place to go to if you're after a quick dinner, so sit back and enjoy the view.

Bar Reggio

Address: 135 Crown St, Darlinghurst
Phone: (02) 9332 1129
BYO: $2.50 per person; beer, wine or spirits
Try: Pizza. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation, but I’ve liked every pizza I’ve had there. Ok, so you probably want a more specific recommendation. Try Ricky’s pizza and Palmer Street. We always get Palmer Street as my husband is a fan of the Hawaiian, but I prefer pepperoni to ham, so it’s a nice compromise. The Gnocchi Gorgonzola is insane if you’re a gorgonzola cheese lover. The chili mussel risotto is also delicious if you are looking to try something other than pizza. If you have room for dessert, then the homemade tiramisu should be your first choice.
Know Before You Go: Bar Reggio is a trendy Italian eatery. It’s a good place to go with a large group, be sure you book a table in advance.

Chaco Bar

Address: 238 Crown St, Darlinghurst
Phone: (02) 9007 8352
BYO: $15 per bottle, wine only
Try: Start with gyoza, John Dory, and prawn dumplings, or the crispy prawn sliders. Do not skip the taro chips. So good. Share an order of the miso eggplant skewers and chicken hartu (heart) skewers. If you're there for ramen, then look no further than the coriander and chili ramen with chicken. If you're there for Yakitori, try the Asparagus pork and Wagyu tongue. The scallop and kimchi rice are also delicious, but it was the day's special rice, so it might not be available. If it is, order it.
Know Before You Go: Ramen is only available on Mondays from 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm and Wednesday to Saturday for lunch from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm. Yakitori is available from Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm. No reservations taken here.

Fu Manchu

Address: 251 Victoria St, Darlinghurst
Phone: (02) 9360 9424
BYO: $7 per bottle, wine only
Try: Starters try the chilli salt cuttlefish, house dumplings, and duck wraps. For mains the beef eye fillet wok fry and the Malaysian style laksa.
Know Before You Go: Accepts Visa and Mastercard only with a 1.6% surcharge.


Address: 274 Victoria St, Darlinghurst
Phone: (02) 9332 1755
BYO: $3 per person, wine only
Try: Cauliflower florets mixed with spicy potato starter. Three curries to try at Malabar: Goan fish curry, chicken Makhani, and beef vindaloo. The beef vindaloo is as hot as the menu warns. For a side, go with the garlic naan.


Website: Phamish Facebook Page
Address: 248 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst
Phone: (02) 9357 2688
BYO: $1 per person
Try: Duck and prawn pancakes, blue swimmer crab dumplings, green papaya salad of tiger prawns, caramelized slow cooked pork, salt and pepper squid, Bo Luc Lac wagyu beef, and coconut fried rice.
Know Before You Go: A little hidden spot, tucked away, off the main Oxford strip.

Yachiyo Japanese Bistro

Address: 1/13 Kirketon Rd, Darlinghurst
Phone: (02) 9331 8107
BYO: $3.20 per person, wine only
Try: It’s all about the sushi for me at Sushi Yachiyo but, if you want to branch out, try the Slow Cooked Pork Rib or the Wagyu Tataki with wasabi rice. There is also a tasting menu for $65 per person if you’re starving and unable to make up your mind.

Emma's Snack Bar

Address: 59 Liberty St, Enmore
Phone: (02) 9550 3458
BYO: $4 per person, wine only
Try: Start with the ladies fingers, so good, and the fried cauliflower. For mains, try the Moorish chicken, one of the most popular dishes here, and lamb skewers.
Know Before You Go: Good place to go with a group. On a busy night, you will be “encouraged” to hurry it up so they can seat more people. Or the exact opposite can happen, and you may be completely forgotten.

Sultan’s Table

Address: 179 Enmore Rd, Enmore
Phone: (02) 9557 0229
BYO: Free BYO for both wine and beer
Try: Share the mixed dips. The suckling lamb skewers and the Sultan's Special pide are both good but also both lamb. If it's too much lamb, then get the Sultan's Special pide and a mixed grill.
Know Before You Go: Save room for dessert at the world’s best gelato, Cow and Moon, right next door.

Glebe Point Diner

Address: 407 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
Phone: (02) 9660 2646
BYO: $15 per bottle, Monday to Thursday, wine only
Try: Menu changes frequently so hard to recommend something, but sharing menu is always a good choice.


Address: 89 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
Phone: (02) 9566 4488
BYO: No charge, wine and beer
Try: If the gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce is available get it. Cannelloni and ravioli are both very good. If you're not up for pasta, then try the veal saltimbocca. I know it's hard to do but save room for the tiramisu.

Chat Thai

Address: 20 Campbell St, Haymarket
Phone: (02) 9211 1808
BYO: $3 per person, wine only
Try: Suki (braised chicken with glass noodles), Emerald Five Spice Duck is very nice, Larpb BPLA (spicy poached snapper salad) is another excellent choice as is Gaeng Nuea Yaang (grilled beef coconut curry with betel leaves) one of my favorites at Chat Thai.
Know Before You Go: Leave room for dessert! Chat Thai has some wonderful desserts.

Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Website: Zomato Listing for Chinese Noodle Restaurant
Address: 8 Quay St, Haymarket
Phone: (02) 9281 9051
BYO: No charge, wine and beer
Try: Chicken & chives steamed dumplings and the steamed pork and chive dumplings. For noodles, try the Xinjiang stir-fried noodles with pork and the broad noodles with stir fried beef.
Know Before You Go: Hole in the wall restaurant so if you're looking for ambience go somewhere else. Service is quick but can be rude.

Golden Century

Address: 393-399 Sussex St, Haymarket
Phone: (02) 9212 3901
BYO: $8 per person, wine only
Try: Braised mud crab with diced pork and vermicelli in hot pot, pippies with XO sauce on fried vermicelli, scallops sautéed with XO sauce and honey beans.


Address: 15 Goulburn St, Haymarket
Phone: (02) 9211 1668
BYO: $2 per person, wine and beer
Try: It’s all about Roti at Mamak. My go to is the Murtabak Lamb Roti but everyone has their favorite. If you’re not sure what roti is or can’t decide on which to get, go for the Roti Canai, it’s the original roti. The Nasi Lemak, coconut rice with curry chicken is also very good as is the large portion sized Ayam Goreng, Malaysian-style fried chicken. If you didn’t go for a savory roti then finish off dinner with a sweet roti.

Chairman Mao

Website: Chairman Mao's Yelp Listing
Address: 189 Anzac Parade, Kensington
Phone: (02) 9697 9189
BYO: $4 per person, wine only
Try: The braised pork belly is a must as are the dumplings, some consider the best in the city. Try either the smoked beef with garlic shoots or the smoked pork with garlic chives. Other good choices are the eggplant stir fry and steamed fish.

Chinese Dumpling and Noodle Restaurant

Website: Chinese Dumpling and Noodle Restaurant Zomato Listing
Address: 323 Anzac Parade, Kingsford
Phone: (02) 9662 0158
BYO: No charge
Try: Fantastic dumplings, as you may have guess by the name. With your dumplings, get an order of duck pancakes and steam pork buns.
Know Before You Go: Cash only

Bangkok Sidewalk

Address: 2/31 Fitzroy St, Kirribilli
Phone: (02) 9929 1212
BYO: $3.50 per person, wine only
Try: Seafood jungle curry, yum ped roast duck, beef pad kaue teau himmaparn, kaeng phed ped yang chicken curry, beef or lamb massaman curry, pad pumpkin, and a side of sticky rice.
Know Before You Go: You pickup a bottle of wine from the BWS across the road.

Street Market

Address: 12 Fitzroy St, Kirribilli
Phone: (02) 9922 3111
BYO: $3.50 per person, wine only
Try: Steamed Barramundi, spicy chicken or the crispy chicken with kimchi mayo, roast pork belly pancakes, and wagyu skewers are all a big yum.
Know Before You Go: special notes

Cafe Lyon

Address: 366 Pacific Highway, Lindfield
Phone: (02) 9416 5026
BYO: Tuesday through Thursday – $10 per bottle, wine only
Try: Set Menu with either 2 courses or 3 courses that changes frequently. If quail Ballantine is available start with that for your entree, then for mains, choices get harder. Salmon is always good or the barramundi, beef fillet is often raved about in reviews, though haven't had it personally. There is a $8 supplement fee for the beef fillet. For dessert Profiteroles Au Chocolat is the perfect finish to a wonderful night out.
Know Before You Go: 3% AMEX surcharge. Book a table in advance, as this is a trendy spot and will fill up.

Hello Auntie

Address: 278 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville
Phone: (02) 8068 8200
BYO: Wednesdays – $3 per person, wine only
Try: Crispy coconut and turmeric crepe with duck, braised pork knuckle and brisket vermicelli, grilled wagyu wrapped in betel leaf, green papaya salad, crispy twice cooked chicken leg. Jasmine tea pudding for dessert.
Know Before You Go: 10% service charge for groups. Also a surcharge added to credit cards so bring cash.

Two Chaps

Address: 122 Chapel St, Marrickville
Phone: (02) 9572 8858
BYO: $4 per person or included when ordering the set menu
Try: Menu is updated weekly. Go for the set menu at $55 with BYO included. If the ravioli filled with buffalo ricotta and burnt sage butter is available, get it. Be sure to leave room for dessert.
Know Before You Go: This is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options.

Ripples Milsons Point

Address: Olympic Drive, Milsons Point
Phone: (02) 9929 7722
BYO: $12 per bottle, wine only
Try: Start with the parma ham croquetas and calamari fritti. Then move on to stuffed zucchini flowers and buffalo mozzarella. For mains, whole baby snapper is excellent. Whole lamb shoulder and pork belly are also very good if you are not a seafood fan. For sides, try the roasted cocktail potatoes or baked cauliflower with Béchamel, walnuts & tomato powder.

Chiosco By Ormeggio

Address: D'Albora Marinas the Spit, Mosman
Phone: (02) 9046 7333
BYO: $12 per bottle for wine and $2 per bottle of beer
Try: Start with calamari fritti, oysters and vitello tonnato. For pasta, try the tagliatelle with prawns or the conchiglie pasta with Blackmore wagyu shank ragout, both homemade pasta and delicious. For a secondi, the slow roasted whole lamb shoulder is a definite winner, but recommended for two. If you have room for dessert, get the tiramisu.

3 Olives

Website: 3 Olives Facebook Page
Address: 365 King Street, Newtown
Phone: (02) 9557 7754
BYO: $2 per person, wine only
Try: The 3 dips with taramasalata is a perfect starter. Haloumi and either the white bait or the calamari to share. For mains, lamb souvlaki, saganaki prawns, grilled Barramundi, or the vegetarian moussaka.

La Favola

Address: 170 King Street, Newtown
Phone: (02) 8021 0002
BYO: No charge for BYO
Try: Carbonara is the winner here. Ragù Napoletano or broccoli e salsiccia are also very good. For starters, try the bruschetta and the calamari. For dessert, the stuffed Italian doughnuts or the tiramisu.

Oscillate Wildly

Address: 275 Australia Street, Newtown
Phone: (02) 9517 4700
BYO: BYO on Tuesdays. $10 per bottle, wine only
Try: One of the best restaurants in Sydney. Everything is fantastic, every single time. The degustation menu is 8 courses, $135 per person. No a la carte menu.
Know Before You Go: special notes

Pastizzi Cafe

Website: Pastizzi Cafe Facebook Page
Address: 523 King St, Newtown
Phone: (02) 9519 1063
BYO: $3 per person, wine only
Try: Start with a couple of pastizzis, chicken and chorizo or the spinach and ricotta. Then move on to pasta, minced beef ravioli. I never make it past the ravioli here, so good every time.
Know Before You Go: Open until midnight. Consider lunch takeaway here and go to Sydney Park down the road for a picnic.

The Bach Eatery

Address: 399 King St, Newtown
Phone: (02) 8084 4093
BYO: Wednesdays and Sunday – $4 per person, New Zealand wine only
Try: Share the cuttlefish salad with black ink dressing. For mains, John Dory with mushy peas, pappardelle with wild mushroom ragout and slow cooked egg, or the slow cooked lamb.

Time for Thai

Address: 33 King St, Newtown
Phone: (02) 8095 0799
BYO: No charge at Newtown location. Check if for other locations.
Try: BBQ Chicken, wonton noodle soup, Thai green fried rice, and the papaya salad. Sticky rice with mango for dessert.
Know Before You Go: Service is hit or miss. Entrees and mains are often served together.

Thai Pothong

Address: 294 King St, Newtown
Phone: (02) 9550 6277
BYO: $3 per person, wine only
Try: This is one restaurant where recommending what to try is more like reciting the menu. That being said, for starters, highly recommend the papaya soft shell crab salad, fish cakes, curry puffs, and tom yum prawn soup. For mains, BBQ pork, red duck curry, red pumpkin curry, and a Barramundi salad to share.
Know Before You Go: Make sure you book on the weekends; it gets swamped. Wine here is fairly easy on the pocketbook already, so if you are only going to have a glass or two, you might want to skip BYO. Even prices for a bottle are not bad, but if with a group or have a specific wine you want to have with dinner, then go for it—also a location in Marrickville.

ABHI's Indian Restaurant

Address: 163 Concord Rd, North Strathfield
Phone: (02) 9743 3061
BYO: $4 per person, wine only
Try: For starters, salt and pepper squid, masala dosa, and slow cooked lamb parcels. For mains, patiala goat curry, Goa fish curry, Hariyali lamb cutlets, beef Ambotik which is a variation of beef vindaloo.
Know Before You Go: Considered the best Indian restaurant in Sydney. Not cheap. Good place to go with a group and order one of the banquet menus (minimum 4 guests).

Moroccan Feast

Address: 127 Avoca St, Randwick
Phone: (02) 9399 9882
BYO: $4 per person
Try: Rolled eggplant to start with and the hummus and falafel Bowl. For mains, slow cooked lamb chops, Marrakesh chicken, and Mafroom seasonal beef meatball tagines. Then for dessert, Moroccan doughnut with cinnamon sugar.
Know Before You Go: special notes

Kepos Street Kitchen

Address: 96 Kepos St, Redfern
Phone: (02) 9319 3919
BYO: $8 per person, wine only
Try: Tel Aviv falafel with green tahini, roasted black angus, and the cauliflower salad. For dessert, churros with salted caramel.
Know Before You Go: Dinner is Wednesday – Saturday. Bookings recommended.

One Penny Red

Address: 2 Moonbie St, Summer Hill
Phone: (02) 9797 8118
BYO: This is not your usual BYO. The last Tuesday of every month, One Penny Red has “Raid Your Cellar Nights” where you bring a bottle, or bottles, of wine you have been hanging on to for a special occasion and they will tailor a four course meal to go with your wine selection. The whole evening is $85 per person with BYO included.

Chicken Institute

Website: Chicken Institute Facebook Page
Address: 61 Fitzroy St, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 8095 0166
BYO: $3 per person, wine only
Try: This one is going to sound weird but try it, peanut butter chicken. If that sounds too weird for you then try the peri peri chicken. Also get a side of Kimchi poutine to share.
Know Before You Go: Best to book a table first.

Essenza Italian

Address: 560 Crown St, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 9698 8907
BYO: Sunday to Thursday – $10 per bottle, wine only
Try: For starters, calamari and the salami board, and zucchini flowers when in season. For mains, the gnocchi gorgonzola and spaghetti with meatballs.
Know Before You Go: special notes

Il Baretto

Address: 496 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 9361 6163
BYO: $3 per person, wine only
Try: Start with bruschetta al pomodoro. For mains, spaghetti alle vongole or the pappardelle with duck ragu.
Know Before You Go: Cash Only


Website: Longrain Facebook Page
Address: 85 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 9280 2888
BYO: Sundays and Mondays – $10 per bottle, wine only
Try: Start with betel leaf with squid or yam bean both are good. Also try the filled eggnet to share. For mains, green curry with brisket, caramelized pork hock. For a side to share, try the green papaya salad. Taro pudding or black sticky rice for dessert.
Know Before You Go: Longrain is a very popular restaurant. Book a table first.

Maya Da Dhaba

Address: 431 Cleveland St, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 8399 3785
BYO: $2.50 per person, wine only
Try: Goan fish curry, chicken chettinad, and goat masala with a side of the cheesiest of garlic naans. Maya Da Dhaba also has excellent tandoori dishes.

Spice I Am

Address: 90 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 9280 0928
BYO: No charge
Try: The basil crispy pork belly, soft shell crab mango salad, lemongrass chicken, and the green papaya salad, but be careful as it is spicy and keeps getting spicer the more you eat.
Know Before You Go: You will most likely have to wait for a table. I think that they tell everyone that it will be a 45 min wait. Sometimes it’s only 30 mins, other times it’s over an hour. The good news is they will take a mobile number and call when the table is ready. There are pubs nearby to wait at and a bottle shop next door.

Vacanza Pizzeria

Address: 414 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 8964 6414
BYO: $8 per bottle, wine only
Try: Start with Parma Prosciutto and Buffalo Arancini Porcini. For pizza, Il Capitano, Il Saraceno, or the Brandi Bufalina Margherita.


Address: 333 Crown St, Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 9332 3344
BYO: Sunday to Thursday – $3.50 per person, Friday and Saturday – $4 per person, wine only
Try: Start with roasted duck fillet rolls or the Nha Trang-style marinated prawn rolls. Mains, slow-cooked pork shoulder, chicken yellow curry, or slow-cooked spicy beef curry if available, they often sell out. If they are sold out, try the marinated grain-fed beef rump slices.
Know Before You Go: Cramped seating and can get very loud. Do not take EFTPOS, but do take credit cards with a 3% addition. Best to paid in cash.

Via Alta

Address: 197 High St, Willoughby
Phone: (02) 9958 1110
BYO: $12 per bottle, wine only
Try: Hard to recommend anything here because menu changes often, but the homemade pappardelle with beef cheeks was very good and the lamb roast special was delicious. The sharing menu makes life easy when you can't decide.
Know Before You Go: Sit back and relax here. This is the place to go and catch up with friends over a long, lingering dinner. Be sure to book as if fills up quickly.

St Claude's

Address: 10 Oxford St, Woollahra
Phone: (02) 9331 3222
BYO: $20 per bottle, wine only
Try: The twice baked gruyere soufflé absolute is a must. For mains, the confit duck leg and the rangers valley bavette. Creme caramel for dessert. The prix fixe menu is a good choice here.

What Are You Shipping to Sydney When You Move?

Do you know yet?

The truth is you don’t need to know right now, for sure, what’s going with you.

But you have to get your shipping quote ASAP, especially now.

Why? Because international shipping companies need to schedule your shipment to Australia far in advance, some ask for 6 months in advance. Yes, COVID has changed everything, including international shipping.

When filling out the contact form below…

  1. You don’t need a street address for where you’re moving to, only the city and country. What they really want to know is the major shipping port.
  2. You don’t need exact dates right now. Go with your best guess.
  3. Don’t bother with calculating your volume. Use one of the estimates below for your estimated volume.
    • Studio or 1 Bedroom —> 20 m3
    • 2 Bedroom —> 25 m3
    • 3 Bedroom —> 30 m3
    • 4 Bedroom or 3 Bedroom + Car —> 50 m3
  4. Use your “real” contact details for BOTH phone and email. Yes, the form is secure. If you don’t use your real contact details, then they can’t get in touch with you for your quote. Makes sense, right?

International Movers Contact Form

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