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The Best 8 BYO Restaurants in Sydney

The Best 8 BYO Restaurants in Sydney
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The cost of eating out in Sydney is something I don’t think I will ever get use to. Finding the best cheap eats in Sydney has become one of my main missions while living in Sydney.

I’ve started keeping track of where we’ve been and what was good. You can check that out here where I’ve included a map of all the ones we’ve tried so far plus a brief description and recommendations.

My Top 8 BYO Restaurants in Sydney

BYO restaurants are a good way to keep down the cost. I absolutely love them and wish that everywhere had BYO. There is one catch, BYO is usually wine only but there are a few that you can BYO beer too. I know it seems kind of weird to rock up to a restaurant with a six pack but you’ll get use to it, quickly.

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Spice I Am – no corkage fee
90 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills Phone: 02 9280 0928

Many say that Spice I Am is the best Thai in Sydney. When they say spice they are not kidding. Dishes that are described as hot and spicy truly are.
Try: The basil crispy pork belly, soft shell crab mango salad, lemon grass chicken.
Warning: You will most likely have to wait for a table. I think that they tell everyone that it will be a 45min wait. Sometimes it’s only 30mins, other times it’s over an hour. The good news is they will take a mobile number and call when the table is ready. There are pubs nearby to wait at and a bottle shop next door.Don’t know why but the Surry Hills location is better than Darlinghurst. Haven’t been to Balmain location yet.
Mamak – Wine and beer, $2 per person corkage fee
15 Goulburn Street, Haymarket Phone: 02 9211 1668

Try: It’s all about roti at Mamak. I like the eggplant roti but everyone has their favourite. The nasi lemak, cocnut rice with curry chicken is also very good as is the large portion sized ayam goreng, Malaysian-style fried chicken.
Chat Thai – $2.50 per person corkage fee
20 Campbell Street, Thaitown Phone: 02 9211 1808

Yes, you will most likely have to wait in line for a table. Best to book one day in advance if you can.
Try: Suki, braised chicken with glass noodles, emerald 5 spice duck is very nice, or bpla dtra khai, lemongrass whole snapper.
Here’s an extra bonus. Chat Thai is open until 2am. Late night eating at it’s best.
Sushi Yachiyo – $3.20 per person corkage fee
1/13 Kirketon Road , Darlinghurst Phone: 02 9331 8107

Try: It’s all about the sushi for me at Sushi Yachiyo but, if you want to branch out, try the soy braised pork spare ribs, Kurobuta Yawarakani.
Set lunches are the best value. Prices go up for dinner.
Bar Reggio – $1.50 per person corkage fee
135 Crown Street, Darlinghurst Phone: 02 9332 1129

Wow, a BYO that’s not asian. Bar Reggio is a very popular Italian eatery. It’s a good place to go with a large group just book in advance.
Try: Pizza. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation but I’ve liked every pizza I’ve had there.
Bay Bua – $3 per person corkage fee
2 Springfield Avenue, Potts Point Phone: 02 9358 3234
Friendly service makes Bay Bua a no brainer.
Try: Crackling pork belly, stuffed chicken wings (they’re huge) and banh xeo, Vietnamese pancake.
Watermoon – $3 per person corkage fee
176 Victoria Street, Potts Point Phone: 02 9331 8850

Straight out of Japan. They are so polite that you may have to wave at the staff to get them to come and serve your table.
Try: Salmon Carpaccio, Special Eel Roll, Spicy Chicken Karaage and black sesame ice cream.
Best to avoid on weekends and friday night or get there early around 6 or 6:30 it’s full right after.
Cafe Mint – $2.50 per person corkage fee
579 Crown Street, Surry Hills Phone: 02 9319 0848

The one is farther way from the CBD as the others but it’s one of my favs.
If there is a line ask if you can give them your mobile number then head to the closest pub.
Try: Spicy lamb mince ravioli, Haloumi salad or the beetroot salad.
Sunday brunch is very good but packed.


What’s your favourite BYO restaurant?

Let me know in the comments below. I’m always looking for a new place with good eats that won’t hurt the pocketbook.

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