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Three Things You Need to Know Before You Ship Your Belongings to Australia

This is a sponsored guest post, even so I think it’s is very relative to anyone who is thinking of shipping anything to Australia. If you are interested in contributing to SMG please read through my terms and conditions. So you’ve made the big decision to relocate to Australia. Once you begin getting the wheels into motion and make arrangements for your lifestyle change, potentially the most stressful thing apart from stepping on the plane, is shipping your possessions overseas. A quick and easy way to remove that stress is to invest in the services of a reliable and...

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A Need-to-Know Guide to Australian Customs

This is a guest post. If you are interested in contributing to SMG please read through my terms and conditions. If you are planning to ship parcels to Australia it is your responsibility to understand the current Australian Customs regulations. There are several things to take into account whether you are moving to this amazing part of the world, traveling on business or shipping goods to a customer or distributor. You have to be prepared for any potential delays or issues that could arise. Potential Costs of Importing Goods into Australia Some items that enter the Australian customs might...

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A Guide to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

This is a sponsored guest post. If you are interested in contributing to SMG please read through my terms and conditions. Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs This post will look at different areas within the area of Sydney known as the Eastern Suburbs. This region is roughly located to the east of the city all the way to the coast, and offers a variety of distinct features that make it one of the premier regions of the city. If the first thing you think about when you think of Sydney’s beaches, then this is the region for you. The beaches of...

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Don’t File Your US Expatriate Taxes Until You See This!

Special Referral Code Just For SMG Readers For $75 Credit Off Tax Services With Taxes For Expats. Code given the at end of this post.   Ah, it’s tax season again! Like most US expats, you’re gathering your documents (or at least thinking about doing that!) and preparing to file your 2013 expatriate taxes. But wait! There are some important tax changes that went into effect in 2013 that you don’t want to miss. You could lose out on hundreds of dollars or worse yet, be penalized if you were required to file a form and failed to do...

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Eight Reasons Why You Should Migrate To Australia

This is a sponsored post. If you are interested in contributing to SMG please read through my terms and conditions. Are you thinking of migrating with your significant other but are not sure where you’d like to go? Why not make Australia your new home? Though quite a distance away from the rest of the world, Australia is considered by many to be one of the best places to live. It is a land of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife and many wonders for those who love nature and adventure. It is also the ideal place for couples...

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Understanding US Expatriate Taxes

Explanation of Foreign Earned Income Exclusion The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, otherwise referred to and documented as FEIE, is an exclusion offered by the IRS to US citizens living abroad.  Before we examine the details of the FEIE, we will take a brief look at the qualification standard set by the IRS.  In order for an expatriate to claim the FEIE, he/she must have either: Lived in their host country for a minimum of 330 days out of a full calendar year.  This is known as the Physical Presence Test. Special Referral Code Just For SMG Readers For $75...

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Increased FATCA Measures and How They Affect US Expats

Special Referral Code Just For SMG Readers For $75 Credit Off Tax Services With Taxes For Expats. Code given the at end of this post.   The Internal Revenue Service continues to set unforeseen precedents through FATCA (Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act) regulations as more aggressive measures are being designed to track down international US Citizens and Green Card Holders and collect as much tax revenue as possible. In recent years, the IRS began indicting bank officials of UBS (a major Swiss Financial Institution) for helping American Persons keep unreported income hidden from the IRS.  In addition to punitive...

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Sydney Suburbs Guide: Parramatta

Newcomer’s Guide to Sydney Neighborhood Parramatta Parramatta is located in Sydney’s Western Suburbs – it’s about a 40 minute drive from the CBD. Mention ‘Parramatta’ to anyone in the inner city and you’re likely to encounter ridicule, but don’t take it to heart – there’s a lot to love about this vibrant suburb. The People of Parramatta Sydney as a whole is very multicultural, but Parramatta especially so. If you take a stroll down Parramatta’s Church Street, you’ll encounter people from India, China, Korea, The Philippines and New Zealand – among other places. It’s also a fairly young suburb,...

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Sydney Suburbs Guide: Surry Hills

Newcomer’s Guide to Sydney Neighborhood Manly It doesn’t get much more inner-city than Surry Hills – it’s within walking distance of Central Station and only a five minute drive away from the CBD. Surry Hills is also the epicurean Mecca of Sydney, with more restaurants, cafes and bars than you can poke a fondue fork at. The People of Surry Hills Surry Hills has a bit of an eclectic mix of people. On one hand you’ve got a number of high income-earning professionals who are occupying the chic modern apartments and newly renovated terraces. This crowd is well dressed,...

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Sydney Suburbs Guide: Manly

Newcomer’s Guide to Sydney Neighborhood Manly If you’re looking for the quintessential Aussie experience – i.e. surf, sun and beer – Manly is the perfect place to set up camp. Located about 20 minutes north of the bridge, Manly can be a little bit tricky to get to, but once you’re there you’ll probably never want to leave. The People of Manly Manly is a popular tourist spot, and therefore you’re likely to encounter a number of different nationalities and languages. Meanwhile, the locals are mainly made up of a mix of locals and people from England, New Zealand,...

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Sydney Suburbs Guide: Paddington

Newcomer’s Guide to Sydney Suburb Paddington Paddington is a stylish inner-city suburb that’s filled with boutique shops, trendy bars and bustling cafes. Affectionately referred to by locals as ‘Paddo’, it tends to attract white-collar professionals who enjoy letting loose on the weekends. The People of Paddington In addition to the local Aussies, Paddington is home to a significant proportion of expats from England, New Zealand, USA, South Africa and Ireland. Unlike Bondi Beach or Kings Cross, it doesn’t generally draw crowds from other parts of Sydney on weeknights or weekends – which gives Paddington a strong sense of community....

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Sydney Suburbs Guide: Bondi

Newcomer’s Guide to Sydney Suburb Bondi You’ve probably seen the pictures, but nothing can compare with seeing Bondi Beach for the first time with your own eyes. Not only does Bondi have a stunning coastline but it’s also a great place to grab a meal, get fit, and experience Australia’s relaxed lifestyle. The People of Bondi If you want to surround yourself with beautiful people, Bondi is the place for you. Not only are the Bondi locals tanned, fit and flawless, they’re also very stylishly dressed. Remember to pack your bikini and perhaps start your detox diet sooner rather...

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Working Visa Health Insurance

When applying for a working Australian Visa a common requirement is to prove that you have ‘adequate health insurance for your stay within Australia’. This requirement varies based on the visa subclass with the post popular two categories explained below. It’s important to note that when an individual plans to bring their partner or family to Australia on that visa that health insurance coverage applies for all members. 457 Visa Health Insurance Any application for a 457 visa must include proof of adequate health insurance for the applicant’s stay in Australia. This is irrelevant of the applicant’s source country...

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Five Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Life in Sydney

Your dreams of living abroad may have included strolls down cobblestone paths, exciting and exotic dishes at local restaurants, and the joys of immersing yourself in a new culture. Now that it’s actually time to pack up and relocate, however, it’s essential to consider how your children will adapt to their new home. Although you may not have a long time to prepare for your job transfer, giving your children as much advanced warning as possible will ease the transition to a strange new country. Break the News As Soon As Possible You may be tempted to hold back...

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Living in Sydney: Commuting to the City for Work

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful cities and a great place to live, but the city lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Whether you already live outside of Sydney or are considering making the move, here’s what to expect if you need to commute into Sydney for work. Commuting to Sydney from popular satellite towns There are some truly gorgeous properties on the outskirts of Sydney, so if you are considering moving outside of Sydney while still working in the CBD, choosing the right place to live can make a huge difference in your commuting times. Some towns...

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Common UK Expatriate Tax Issues

UK income tax can be a labyrinth, especially in the expatriate arena. However, there are plenty of common issues which apply to UK nationals working and living outside the UK. This article will focus on UK expatriate tax issues in a Q & A format. Q: Dan is British and lives in Cairns, and is required to file a UK income tax returns. What are the key dates? His self-assessment tax return for 2012/13 must be filed online by 31 January 2014. The penalty for missing that date is £100. Penalties further delays can reach a total of £1,000...

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The Most Important American Expat Tax Info for US Citizens Living in Australia

Special Referral Code Just For SMG Readers For $75 Credit Off Tax Services With Taxes For Expats. Code given the at end of this post.   Filing Taxes as an American living in Australia. The video below gives a brief summary of what you need to know. It’s worth watching. Australia is an amazing country that has it all—stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, the Tasmanian Wilderness and the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef. If you’re moving to Australia or have recently settled in, financial matters are likely far from your mind. But with every international move, it is important to understand...

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The Top Three Universities in New South Wales

Studying overseas can give you an invaluable wealth of learning and experience that you won’t be able acquire if you study in your own country. Being able to live in a different city, establishing ties with different nationalities, and immersing yourself in a different culture are some things that you’ll enjoy studying overseas (or living as an expat). Australia is a top destination for international students. Australia is ranked number 3 with the most number of international students in its shores, just after the UK and the US. With over 20,000 courses in its over 1,000 universities, Australia is...

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Sydney Attractions At Night

Sydney takes on a different environment at night. The lights of the city’s building and roads reflect magnificently off the Harbour’s water to generate some beautiful and unique views of the city. There are several night tours available that will take you to enjoy these areas along the Harbour and within the CBD. There are also “Secret Foodies Tours” that highlight the “wilder” side of Sydney with a focus on nightlife, dining and drinking. Most of Sydney’s night attractions are within easy walking distance from one another. Start Your Night Tour At Sydney Tower The Sydney Tower is an...

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Transferring Money Overseas

This is a sponsored guest post. If you are interested in contributing to SMG please read through my terms and conditions. One of the biggest issues you will have as an expat is getting your money sorted. The last thing you want is to erode your wealth and return home poor. So to ensure you remain living abroad and loving your new life, here are 5 mistakes expats can avoid when it comes to money. 1. Paying High Transaction Fees The best way to transfer your money when moving to Australia is with a foreign currency specialist rather than...

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