Part of the fun of living as an expat is the chance to travel more, not just in your new country but also to those close by.

For Sydney expats, well, sometimes close by is a 10+ hour flight. But on the bright side a non-stop flight, even a 10+ hour flight will feel like nothing after a few times traveling back home.

Even for us, the flight to Seattle, though not as gruelling as flying to the UK, feels like forever even with that non-stop flight to LAX. The last 2.5 hour flight up to Seattle from LAX some how is the worst part. So close but it feels so far away.

Since living in Australia our travel policy has become “Never Say No, Just Go”.

What do I mean by that?

I’ve signed up for all the newsletters of every airlines that flies to Sydney. Of course, Qantas has the most flights to and from Sydney and, if you choose to only join one airlines’ newsletter after reading this, then make sure it’s Qantas.

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The first year we lived in Sydney, Qantas sent out a deal in their newsletter giving subscribers advance notice on an upcoming special.

It was a 2-for-1 flight deal to the USA with flight times that overlapped with the Thanksgiving holiday. Yep, that’s right 2-for-1 non-stop flight to LAX. We booked our flight back to the States about an hour after I opened up that newsletter. Even before asking for the time off at work and without a flight from LAX to Seattle. We had several months so it really wasn’t all that risky and we knew there were many flights from LAX to Seattle. Worst case scenario would be staying in Los Angeles a few days.

It was a good thing we jumped on it too because that deal sold out before it was even opened up to the public. Just from people who subscribed to the newsletter. It was crazy.

Since then I’ve signed up to not just Qantas but all the airlines that are listed below. Through deals sent in those newsletters, we have also snagged another 2-for-1 flight deal from Sydney to Tokyo. We even got upgraded when a second deal was sent out by email with a special phone number to call for a first class upgrade. All we had to do was call. And yes, we booked that on the spot also with Jet Star and a good thing too. I remember trying to book seats and watching them disappear online right before my eyes but, since we never say no, it didn’t matter what day we flew out, we were determined to make it work. There was no way we were going to miss out on a 2-for-1 bargain like that.

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Of course, living in Australia you’re going to want to travel domestically as often as possible.

You’ll have time for that and the longer you living in Australia, the longer your Australian Travel Bucket List will get. Don’t let that bucket list stop you from exploring what’s, well, relatively close by. You’ll have lots of long holiday weekends for more domestic traveling.

When a deal shows up in your mailbox that’s too good or something you just can’t pass up then definitely don’t. GO!

Especially if it’s just one flight away and you can be in Thailand, Japan, Fiji, Vanuatu or even New Zealand. Now I know you have New Zealand on your travel list and it’s so close you can actually see it from Sydney Tower on a clear day. Yes, I’m for real on that little factoid. Just Google it.

Since we have lived in Sydney we’ve traveled to Thailand, Japan, Fiji (that one was during the Christmas holiday, very last minute deal), and Honolulu.

Below I’ve made up a quick table of one flight international destinations from Sydney. I didn’t include LAX or Dallas, both direct flights from Sydney with Qantas. Maybe I’ll add then later but, for me, if I can catch a flight to Bali or LAX, I’m going to Bali. That’s a done deal.

New ZealandAir New Zealand
Virgin Australia
Air Vanuatu
Fiji Airways
Virgin Australia
HonoluluHawaiian Airlines
Virgin Australia
Japan Airlines
Hong KongQantas
Cathay Pacific
Garuda Indonesia
Virgin Australia
Kuala LumpurMalaysia Airlines
Vietnam Airlines
SeoulKorean Air
Asiana Airlines
Philippine Airlines
IndiaAir India