What Is the 100 Points of Identification Check?

The 100 Points of ID Check is a point system given to documents used to verify your identification.

There is no standardized 100 Points of ID used across all of Australia. The points given to specific documents won't always be the same. For example, the 100 Points of ID Check for opening your bank account won't be the same as for a rental application.

Since it varies each time, it's best to have as many documents as possible. When you're packing up, be sure to pack these in your carry-on for safekeeping.

Make sure that your name is the same on all documents used for your ID check and any applications you submit. If you've changed your name, then you need to have your marriage certificate or name change documents. Proof of changing your name won't count towards the 100 points. It only explains why your name isn't the same.

If you are moving with your partner, then you each need to have 100 points of identification.

For each ID check, you will need to have an actual, physical copy of the document. Even if you use 1form for your rental application where you can take a photo of the document and upload it. The real estate agent will ask to see the original before giving you your keys.

Every 100 Points of ID Check has primary and secondary documents.

Primary documents are often worth between 35 to 70 points. Only one primary document is usually accepted.

For secondary documents, you can have more than one. You'll need at least one with a photo if your primary document doesn't have one and one with a signature.

Secondary documents range in points from 40 to 25.

What Will You Need 100 Points of ID For?

The 100 Points of ID Check will come up again and again and again. Each time, it will be a little bit different.

When you first move, it will come up when:

  • You fill out your rental application.
  • Open your bank account.
  • Set up your mobile account.
  • Start your job in Sydney.
  • Set up your Centrelink account for Medicare.
  • Set up your superannuation account.

100 Points of ID Check Primary Documents

For primary documents, you're required to have at least one. No more than one is usually accepted. Points for primary documents range from 35 to 70.

  • Passport from another country or diplomatic documents. Passport must be current or expired within the preceding two years, not canceled.
  • Australian birth certificate
  • A birth card issued by an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Australia Passport (current or expired within the preceding two years, not canceled)

100 Points of ID Check Secondary Documents

This is a long list of secondary documents. Please be aware that not all are required or accepted for every ID check. Since the points for each document range wildly per ID check, it's best to have as many as possible when you arrive.

You can have more than one per category, but they might not count for the same amount of points.

Secondary documents that must have a photo and your name.

Points range: 30 – 40 points for the first and 25 points for any after.

  • A current driver license issued by an Australian state or territory
  • NSW photo identification card
  • An identification card issued to a public employee
  • An identification card issued to a student at a tertiary education institution
  • An identification card issued by the Commonwealth, a State or Territory Government as evidence of the person's entitlement to a financial benefit
  • License or permit issued under a law of the Commonwealth, a State or Territory Government (for example a boat license)

A quick note on getting an NSW driver’s license or photo ID card.

NSW driver's license and NSW photo ID card are both easy to get but take time. I wanted to point this out because it can be hard to get 100 points for rental applications.

At the bottom of this post, I have two examples of rental applications. You'll notice that one is more strict when it comes to what documents make up 100 points.

Permanent Residency Visa holders are required to get a NSW driver's license three months after moving.

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) holders aren't required to get a NSW driver's license. An NSW driver's license does come in handy for 100 Points ID Checks, which will come up again and again.

If you don't want to get a driver's license, consider an NSW photo ID card. NSW photo ID cards can take up to 10 days to receive. You need a residential address for the card, but can have it sent to a PO Box or to your work address.

Ask your Airbnb host if you can use their address as the residential address. Let them know you'll be mailing it to your PO Box or work, so they don't have to worry about giving you access to their mailbox.

Secondary documents that must have your name and address.

This is a Catch-22 for new expats in Australia that don't have an address yet but need the points. If you don't have any of these documents, see if you can make up points in one of the other categories below.

Points range: 25 – 35 points per document

  • A document held by a cash dealer giving security over property
  • A mortgage or other instrument of security held by a financial body
  • Council rates notice
  • Document from a current or previous employer in Australia within the last two years
  • Land Titles Office record
  • Document from the Credit Reference Association of Australia
  • Credit card statement from the bank, building society, or credit union located in Australia.
  • Australian bank statement
  • Current telephone, water, gas, or electricity bill or account statement
  • Electoral roll compiled by the Australian Electoral Commission
  • Lease / rent agreement
  • Current rent receipt from a licensed real estate agent
  • Records from a primary, secondary, or tertiary education institution attended within the last 10 years.
  • Records of a professional or trade association of which the applicant is a member

You can set up your bank account in Australia before you leave home.

When you pick up your bank cards in Sydney, change your address to an Australian address. Use your Airbnb, hotel, or work. Then, ask for a printed statement. Be sure to change the address later.

Once you have your debit card and bank statement, you can set up your mobile account. Optus only requires a passport, debit card, and bank statement. Telstra requires proof of health insurance, passport, and debit card.

Since you need a phone anyway for house hunting, you might as well get it asap, so you have it for any ID checks that come up.

Secondary documents that must have your name and signature.

Usually worth about 25 points and accepted if you can't make 100 points with any other documents.

  • Marriage certificate (for maiden name only)
  • Credit card
  • Foreign driver license
  • Medicare card (signature not required on Medicare card)
  • EFTPOS/Debit card

Not All 100 Points of ID Checks Are the Same.

I know I've mentioned this earlier, but I thought I would give you real examples so that you know what you're up against.

Tenancy application forms 100 Points of ID: Century 21 vs Ray White

You're definitely going to need 100 points of ID for your rental application form in Sydney. Each application form is different for each real estate agency. Some need more documents to reach 100 points.

You'll notice that there are no points for employment reference. This doesn't mean you don't have to have one. Quite the opposite.

A current employment reference is always required to rent any property in Australia. I have a whole post dedicated to what documents you will need for your rental application in Sydney. In that post, I cover what to do if you don't have a job yet and how to handle not having a tenancy history in Australia.

Real Estate Agency Century 21 100 Points of IDReal Estate Agency Century 21 100 Points of ID List for Rental Application


Real Estate Agency Ray White 100 Points of IDReal Estate Agency Ray White 100 Points of ID List for Rental Application


Mobile phone application 100 Points of ID: Telstra vs Optus

100 Points of ID for Telstra.

You'll need 100 points of ID when opening an account with Telstra, and that has to include at least one form of primary ID.

To make up your 100 points, you can use:

  • One primary ID plus one or two forms of secondary ID, or
  • Two primary IDs
Acceptable Forms of Primary Identification Needed to Open Telstra Account
Australian driver’s license
Full license with photo and signature
Valid Australian passport
With photo, date of birth and signature Important: Some documents that look like an Australian passport are not acceptable forms of ID. These include: Certificate of Identity (number begins with C), Titre de Voyage/Travel Document (number begins with U)
Australian/State Government Issued Proof of Age/Identity Card - only when combined with a Medicare Card which includes the applicant’s name
NSW Photo card issued by NSW Govt Transport Roads and Traffic Authority
International passport with valid visa with expiry date beyond the contract expiry date
Must include date of birth and visa expiry date* that is beyond the contract term. If no current visa is visible, relevant immigration papers confirming the end date of the current visa must be provided
*New Zealand passport holders are exempt
Acceptable Forms of Secondary Identification Needed to Open Telstra Account
Medicare card
The preferred secondary ID option and the first form of secondary ID that will normally be requested
Credit, debit or ATM card
Only Australian financial institution cards with your name and the financial institution’s name printed Important: Credit, debit or ATM cards are the last option if you are unable to provide any other type of secondary ID
Birth certificate or original birth extract
Important: If your name has been changed by marriage, you’ll need to provide the marriage certificate as well
Utility bill, vehicle registration or rates notice
Must be less than six months old
Tertiary student ID card
Must have photo and student number issuing body such as a university or TAFE
Private health insurance membership card
Card must be current
100 Points of ID for Optus.

To apply for a new account with Optus, you'll need to provide 100 points of ID with at least one primary ID.

Note: Your ID must be current (expired IDs won't be accepted).

Primary Identification Needed to Open Optus Account
Australian Driver's License
Current Australian Passport (Australian or International with a current visa)
Current Proof of Age Card* (with photo)
Australian Learners Permit
Australian Boating License
Australian Shooters License or Firearm License
Secondary Identification Needed to Open Optus Account
Australian Medicare card
Current Credit / Debit card from Australian financial institute
Valid Australian Tertiary Student ID card (with photo, student number & institution)
Full Australian Birth Certificate
Australian Citizenship / Australian Marriage Certificate
Australian Pensioner Concession card
Australian Veterans Affairs
Other documents accepted by Optus.

Accepted only if issued within the last 30 days to the current address in Australia.

  • Mortgage documents
  • Current Rental Agreement / Bond Notice
  • Current Vehicle Registration

Accepted only if issued within the last 90 days to the current address in Australia.

  • Most recent Telco / Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Current Rates Notice

Steps to Take to Pass the 100 Points of ID Check When You Arrive in Australia

Since your passport and visa are linked together, you'll have your primary ID document sorted. Let's focus on the secondary documents you'll need to get when you arrive.

Private Health Insurance

Chances are you already have private health insurance in Australia for your visa application. If not, you either want to do that or, if you qualify, get your Medicare Card from Centrelink.

Bank account in Australia.

This comes up again and again, either as a bank statement or debit card, or sometimes both.

You can set up your bank accounts in Australia before you move. This isn't just convenient because it's one less thing you have to do when you arrive, but also good to have for all your ID checks. You can also transfer funds into your account once you've verified you identification. This way, your statement clearly shows activity when you use it for proof of ID.

Mobile account

Once you pick up your bank card and ask for a printout or two of your bank statement, get your mobile account set up.

I picked Telstra and Optus as examples above, but they aren't the only mobile companies in Australia. Telstra is the most popular in Australia, and it does have the best coverage. They also have the worst customer service.

Optus has a store at the Sydney Airport, but since you won't have your bank card yet, you might not be able to open an account. If you open your bank account before moving, print up a copy of your bank statement and see if that would work. If not, then pick up a SIM card to tide you over until you get your bank card.

Warning: Lines can be very long at the airport Optus store. Waiting in line after a long flight isn't something anyone wants to do. There are SIM cards everywhere in Sydney (at news outlets and convenience stores), so you're not missing your only chance to get one.

There's also a Vodafone shop at the airport that has SIM cards.

At this point, you should be very close to 100 points for your rental application.

Once you have your lease signed, you're well on your way to easily having 100 points of ID for anything else.

What Are You Taking to Sydney When You Move? Do You Know Yet?

The truth is you don’t need to know right now, for sure, what’s going with you.

But you do have to get a shipping quote ASAP, especially now.

Why? Because international moving companies need to schedule your move to Australia far in advance, some ask for 6 months in advance. Yes, COVID has changed everything, including international shipping.

When filling out the form below…

  1. You don’t need a street address for where you’re moving to, only the city and country. What they really want to know is the main shipping port.
  2. Moving date is an estimate. You don’t need exact dates right now. Go with your best guess.
  3. Estimate volume is an estimate. Don’t bother with calculating your volume. Use one of the estimates below for your estimated volume.
    • Studio or 1 Bedroom —> 20 m3
    • 2 Bedroom —> 25 m3
    • 3 Bedroom —> 30 m3
    • 4 Bedroom or 3 Bedroom + Car —> 50 m3
  4. Use your “real” contact details for BOTH phone and email. Yes, the form is secure. If you don’t use your real contact details, then they can’t get in touch with you for your quote. Makes sense, right?